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How we say goodbye to our friends

December 4, 2008
“Sayonara Visalia, I loved my job.”

Anonymous@3:54 a.m., commenting on our growing paper-by-paper roster of layoffs. California’s Visalia Times-Delta cut a reported 8 of its 123 jobs.

Cutlines Only: Mourning a child’s death in Visalia

July 28, 2008

Reyes DeJesus Lopez and Maricela Rosales mourn the death of their daughter, Leyla CariƱa Lopez Rosales, 15 months, at their home in Central California’s Orosi. The toddler was critically injured when Marciela, 19, backed over her daughter in a driveway last Wednesday, the Visalia Times-Delta says today. “It was an accident,” said Rosales, clutching at her only child’s stuffed monkey. Photo by Teresa Douglass, Times-Delta via Newseum.

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