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Sheboygan: Sex-offender mug shots tell a story

November 30, 2008

A montage of mug shots occupying most of the front page shows all 272 convicted sex offenders in Sheboygan County, Wisc. It illustrates a fineĀ Sheboygan Press story today, analyzing the demographics of sex crime perpetrators.

Nearly 70% of the cases involved crimes against children, the Press‘s Eric Litke found. His story is the first in a two-part series that includes a searchable online sex-offender database. (It looks like the Press didn’t publish cutlines, identifying each of the 272 photos; judge for yourself, with this more readable view.) Photo illustration by Sam Castro and Gary C. Klein, Press, via Newseum.

I’m flat-out amazed that the Press and Litke dared to even take on that package. I once reported on dozens of county jail guards at The Courier-Journal in Louisville, Ky., who were escaping punishment for workplace infractions that included deliberately beating inmatess. We ran mugs and bios of the five worst cases — all of them still on the jail force. After the story ran, one of them called me and left a specifically threatening message — on my voice mail! And he got off! This kind of work is hard and dangerous. Kudos, Sheboygan!

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How Sue Clark-Johnson funded her retirement

August 12, 2008
“Look Sue, we found $1.2 million in Sheboygan!”

— an anonymous Gannett Blog reader, commenting on the dreaded “dollar drill,” once used to terrorize operating committee members.