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Day 3: Job losses near 1,800; Salinas whacks 31%

December 4, 2008
Gannett’s downsizing has now claimed 1,792 newspaper jobs, according to a new Gannett Blog reader tally that also brings this heart breaker: The Salinas Californian eliminated a whopping 31% of its 130 jobs — one of the biggest percentage losses yet.

But the final number of Gannett jobs lost is expected to be higher, because three of the biggest worksites haven’t disclosed figures: USA Today; the Detroit Free Press and affiliates, plus The Cincinnati Enquirer. Combined employment at those three is around 4,500 to 5,000. Excluding USAT and Detroit, Corporate now says total job reductions will be about 2,000.

In Salinas, General Manager Terry Feinberg was struggling to find something to say when he told his paper: “As difficult as this is, it does provide us with an opportunity to take a look at everything we do.”

The paper reports: “Layoffs started Tuesday and finished Wednesday, with 21 people losing their jobs immediately and another 14 positions to be cut over the next six to eight weeks. Four positions were removed through attrition, and one person took a voluntary buyout, for a total of 40 jobs eliminated.”

California is one of four states where Gannett markets were especially hard hit when the real estate bubble collapsed (the other three: Arizona, Florida and Nevada). Plus, the Californian‘s circulation tanked recently, Deutsche Bank says. It plunged 13.3%, to 14,240 as of Sept. 30, from 16,416 a year before.

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[Image: yesterday’s front page, Newseum]

In Palm Springs, video captures gay weddings

June 18, 2008

Note: To turn off the video, click on the button in the far-left corner at the bottom of this embedded player.

The Salinas Californian is just one of four Gannett newspapers in California featuring one of the nation’s biggest social and political stories of the year: Legal same-sex marriage, with the first weddings starting this week. For example, The Desert Sun in Palm Springs, a city with a large and growing gay population, published video and photo galleries that a reader says allowed faraway family and friends to watch the events “live” on the Web. Here’s one:

The Sun‘s video features something I haven’t seen in other Gannett videos: A crawling headline “zipper” along the bottom, like those on CNN and other cable news channels. On the downside, this is one of those video players that, once embedded on a blog or other webpage, auto-starts when the page is loaded. We. Hate. That. So. Much.

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Cutlines Only: The Salinas Californian

June 18, 2008

Now married, Sandy Hamm (left) and Adrianne Jonson leave the Monterey County Administrative Office on Tuesday with their new marriage license. The pair were the first same-sex couple to wed in the county yesterday, The Salinas Californian said this morning, as it reported a story dominating California news media. Photo by Richard Green, Californian, via Newseum.

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More big circulation losers among GCI papers

May 1, 2008

Within Gannett, The Californian at Salinas had the single-biggest loss in daily circulation — 13.6%, to 15,957 — as of March 31 vs. a year ago, the new Deutsche Bank analysis shows.

Among Sunday papers, the dubious No. 1 honor went to The Leaf-Chronicle at Clarksville, Tenn.; its circulation cratered 15.9%, to 22,438, DB’s report shows.

Other notables: The Journal News at White Plains, N.Y., plunged 10.9% daily, to 108,863; Sunday: 7.3%, to 125,829. The Rochester Democrat and Chronicle fell 5.1% daily, to 148,858; Sunday: 4.7%, to 199,533, the report says.

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[Image: this morning’s Californian, Newseum]

Cutlines Only: The Salinas Californian

January 7, 2008

Angela Nana works Sunday morning at Bagel Corner in Salinas, Calif. She’ll benefit from this month’s increase in the state minimum wage, The Salinas Californian says today. Photo by Scott Macdonald, Californian.

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Holidaze: Let’s do it as a ’12 _____ s of _______’ !

December 20, 2007

Holidays bring big papers, no news — and really dopey story assignments from editors desperate to fill the newspaper. But, hey: ‘Tis the season, right?

  • Newspaper: The Salinas Californian
  • Headline: 12 ways to make the holidays more meaningful
  • The lede: “Amid all the holiday hoopla, children often lose sight of the significance of the season. Taking a spin off The Twelve Days of Christmas, we compiled a list of suggestions from educators and non-profit leaders and came up with 12 ways to celebrate in a meaningful way.”
  • Mitigating Factor: The story doesn’t substitute a more politically correct word, as in: The Twelve Days of Holiday.

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[Image: Rudolph by Flickr member jamieanne]