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Naughty nicknames we’ve given to moms sites

December 14, 2008
“Don’t expect Woodward and Bernstein on MomsLickMe.”

Anonymous@6:14 p.m., responding to critics who claim some Gannett employees are secretly manipulating conversations among readers on the company’s network of Moms Like Me websites.

Things people say when I ask them to join my posse

December 13, 2008
“I don’t know if it’s safe to be in your network.”

— a former colleague, accepting my LinkedIn request that he join my network of friends and associates. He was kidding. (I think.)

Signs that consolidation has gotten out of control

December 10, 2008
“Reuters Blogs joked that even Gannett’s
extra ‘n’ and ‘t’ might not be safe.”

City Newspaper in Rochester, N.Y., in a column yesterday, describing Gannett Blog as “an underground website for current and former Gannettoids. It’s underground in the subversive, not the ‘nobody knows about it’ sense; on the contrary, founder Jim Hopkins is being name-checked all over the place.”

Euphemisms 101: How to sell cutbacks to readers

December 8, 2008
“We’ll walk you through some exciting changes we have in mind for our print and online editions.”

— the Green Bay Press-Gazette, in a published note to readers yesterday. The “exciting” changes include reducing the amount of news. Not mentioned: a year ago, the Press-Gazette had a 43% profit margin — the highest among all Gannett dailies.

How we say goodbye to our friends

December 4, 2008
“Sayonara Visalia, I loved my job.”

Anonymous@3:54 a.m., commenting on our growing paper-by-paper roster of layoffs. California’s Visalia Times-Delta cut a reported 8 of its 123 jobs.

Rare comments: One signed by an actual editor

November 26, 2008
Phil Currie has remained the soul, the champion of the eternal values of good journalism — public service, fairness, relevance, diversity.”

Carolyn Washburn, top editor of The Des Moines Register, commenting on the retirement of News Division chief Phil Currie. (Cincinnati Enquirer Editor Tom Callinan also signs his occasional comments. You can, too!)

That look: Why we think we’re on the layoff list

November 23, 2008
“The sweet old lady who is the publisher’s admin wouldn’t look me in the eye and give me her usual cheery ‘hello.’ I’m on the list, and I know it.”

Anonymous@6:54 a.m., in one of several similar comments. Another: “Nobody has made direct eye contact with me for weeks.”

Layoff tips: How to end your GCI career forever

November 19, 2008
Start a critical blog about your ex-employer
while simultaneously receiving
payments from that ex-employer.”

Anonymous@1:28 p.m., in a comment today for workers seeking advice on preparing themselves for getting laid off.

Things we say when we’re scared and desperate

November 18, 2008
“Does anyone know
anything on papers in Mississippi?”

Anonymous@9:57 a.m. on Sunday, in a comment reflecting the desperation I described today among employees seeking details about the mass layoff now underway in the newspaper division.

Practical jokes we enjoy playing on our colleagues

November 14, 2008
“I like to go to a co-worker’s desk, pick up his/her phone, direct-dial the publisher, and play
Jim’s videos into the phone. What a gas!”

Anonymous@4:02 p.m., commenting on my video about what a Wall Street analyst learned on this blog.