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First Bushee. Now, Greiwe. Who’s next?

January 29, 2008

At USA Today, we used to say that three examples makes a trend. We’ve now got two at The Arizona Republic; I’m looking for a third, as Gannett’s second-biggest paper after USA Today continues to hemorrhage top executives. The Republic said yesterday that its No. 1 advertising executive, Linda Greiwe (left), is leaving to become president of a group of 10 Gannett newspapers in central Ohio, including the Newark Advocate, where she’ll be publisher. Greiwe’s departure follows last week’s surprise news that top Editor Ward Bushee is fleeing GCI after 21 years for the top newsroom job at the money-losing San Francisco Chronicle. Coincidence? Probably. But suppose you started thinking Gannett was no longer committed to the Republic. Would you stick around?

[Photo: Tom Tingle, Republic]