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Cherry Hill, Bridgewater lead in ‘most miserable’

May 7, 2008

The Courier News at Bridgewater and the Courier-Post at Cherry Hill are far ahead of the pack in my reader-suggested survey, seeking to find the most miserable of Gannett’s six New Jersey papers. Check out the poll box, at the bottom of the green sidebar, upper right.

In early tabulations, the totals from 61 responses:

  • Asbury Park: 13%
  • Bridgewater: 29%
  • Cherry Hill: 32%
  • East Brunswick: 14%
  • Morristown 1%
  • Vineland: 8%

Note: figures don’t total 100 because of rounding.

Why the long faces?
The Jersey group has lately had a difficult time. The Courier News saw its circulation plunge 11.7%, to 30,620 — one of the steepest losses among GCI papers in the most recent reporting period. Publisher Ketan Gandhi forced it into a merger with the Home News Tribune in East Brunswick. Then, two months ago, Gandhi abruptly left Gannett under circumstances the company has never addressed. (His successor was announced only yesterday.)
And yet: Cherry Hill’s Courier-Post, at 67,258 daily, entered the match already down in the dumps!

Vote: Which N.J. paper is the most miserable?

May 7, 2008

Now, here’s an election we can really get excited about! Inspired by a Gannett Blog reader, I’ve just launched a special new survey, at the bottom of the green sidebar, right. Commenting on this post, the reader says: “Winner can have its IT department offshored to the part of Dubai shaped like N.J.”

N.J. circulation roundup: Read ’em, and weep

May 3, 2008

Several readers have asked for the new circulation figures for all of Gannett’s six New Jersey newspapers. These are the Audit Bureau of Circulations data as of March 31, newly analyzed last week by Deutsche Bank.

For comparison: Gannett’s overall circulation fell 2.9%, compared to a year before. But remove USA Today, which eked out a 0.3% gain, and overall GCI circulation fell a steeper 4.5%, the investment bank’s analysis shows.

The N.J. figures at March 31, with change from a year before, according to DB’s report:

  • Asbury Park Press: down 3.4%, to 141,247; Sunday, down 4.4%, to 184,095.
  • Courier News at Bridgewater: down 11.7%, to 30,620; Sunday, down 11.4%, to 30,940.
  • Courier-Post at Cherry Hill: down 4.2%, to 67,258; Sunday, down 5.1%, to 78,706.
  • The Daily Journal at Vineland: down 1.2%, to 17,074. (No Sunday.)
  • Daily Record at Morristown: down 13.1%, to 33,239; Sunday, down 8.6%, to 36,296.
  • Home News Tribune at East Brunswick: down 4.1%, to 48,632; Sunday, down 4.7%, to 54,170.
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[Image: today’s Daily Journal, Newseum]