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Is GCI broadcast adopting NBC’s Art House model?

April 25, 2008

In a productivity move, NBC centralized graphics production at a single facility, Art House, in Fort Worth, Texas; it now serves all of the giant network’s TV stations. As other broadcasters take similar steps, a Gannett Blog reader says GCI’s broadcasting division will likely be next.

“Gannett’s version will be online soon — probably after the major stations (KUSA, WUSA, KARE and KSDK) get more familiar with the Avid Interplay/ISIS media management and figure out who to rightsize,” the reader says.

Art House is a familiar consolidation strategy. It mirrors Gannett’s selling papers that can’t be clustered; the consolidation of photo processing at a central toning facility; the shift of customer service to the “Centers for Excellence,” and the centralization¬†of copy editing and design at some Wisconsin papers. Plus, of course, Gannett is offshoring¬†newspaper advertising production jobs, under a contract with 2AdPro of Los Angeles.

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