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Reader: Quit your ‘out of touch complaining’

March 4, 2008

A reader, commenting on my post about job cuts at the Iowa City Press-Citizen, says: “Gannett Blog has become the typical out of touch newspaper site. Companies across the globe are making much bigger job cuts, outsourcing and consolidation than the Gannett company. Wake up and smell the 21st century. What started out as a blog that had some insight and balance about the good and bad of running a newspaper company has turned into a sad state of out of touch complaining. If you don’t like working for Gannett then leave.”

Join the debate in the original post, here.

In Iowa City move, what’s the downside?

March 4, 2008

Consolidation ‘R’ Us! The Iowa City Press-Citizen will be printed on the Des Moines Register‘s presses, a reader notes — eliminating 11 full-time and 13 part-time jobs at the smaller paper, effective June 2.

The Press-Citizen reported the news in a story last week, quoting General Manager Susan Patterson Plank saying: “Some of the cost savings will be invested locally and some will go to ‘protecting for the future.'” (Huh? Isn’t the proverbial rainy day already here?)

Here’s the puzzling part: Des Moines is 114 miles west of Iowa City, Google Maps says. I imagine that distance hasn’t changed since Gannett bought the two papers in 1977 (Iowa City) and 1985 (Des Moines). I suspect GCI would have combined printing long ago in order to save money — if there wasn’t a downside. Patterson Plant says customers aren’t expected to see any changes: “The things that make us local, we will continue to invest in.”

I’m skeptical. What about, say, earlier newsroom deadlines — so fewer late sports scores in the Press-Citizen — to accomodate that roughly two-hour truck journey back to Iowa City? Use this link to e-mail the answer; see Tipsters Anonymous Policy in the sidebar, upper right. Or leave a note in the comments section, below.

[Image: this morning’s Register; I couldn’t find the Press-Citizen when I searched the Newseum‘s database]

Cutlines Only: Iowa City Press-Citizen

December 12, 2007

Wright Tree Service crew foreman Dean DaVolt cuts ice-covered tree branches away from a power line Tuesday north of Iowa City after a storm glazed the area in ice, the Iowa City Press-Citizen says today. Photo by Dan Williamson, Press-Citizen.

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