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In Tucson switch, a growing publisher exodus?

June 17, 2008

The decision by Michael Chihak (left) to retire as editor and publisher of the afternoon Tucson Citizen after eight years seems to have come abruptly. Newspaper division President Bob Dickey only told the Citizen in a story Saturday that a search for Chihak’s successor would start immediately; in the past, departing and new publishers generally were announced simultaneously. (The exceptions often came when there was something amiss. I don’t think that’s the case in Tucson, however, because — reading tea leaves here — Dickey wouldn’t have given a positive quote about Chihak to the Citizen.)

Chihak’s departure is at least the third change in publishers this month alone, suggesting there may be a rising cascade of new newspaper chiefs as Dickey asserts more control over the division he inherited in late February from the now-retired Sue Clark-Johnson. The division includes 84 community papers; USA Today Publisher Craig Moon, I believe, still reports directly to CEO Craig Dubow.

The question: How deep is Gannett’s bench of would-be publishers? New Fort Collins Coloradoan Publisher Kim Roegner, for example, was display advertising director at The Courier-Journal in Louisville rather than, say, overall head of that paper’s advertising sales.

The Citizen is unusual within Gannett: It’s an afternoon paper in a joint operating agreement with the morning Arizona Daily Star, owned by Lee Enterprises. (Here’s a history of the JOA.) The Citizen‘s circulation is 23,863. The Star‘s circulation is 113,373 daily, and 164,033 Sunday.

Meanwhile, unless I missed something, Dickey’s old post still remains unfilled. He ran the Pacific Group, a portfolio that includes publications in Arizona, California, Colorado, Guam, Hawaii, Iowa, Minnesota, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, South Dakota, Texas and Utah.

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Reader: New Colorado pub shows Ivey’s clout

June 5, 2008

Newspaper division President Bob Dickey‘s pick this week for new Coloradoan publisher reflects the growing influence of Louisville uber-Publisher Denise Ivey, a reader tells me, in an e-mail that points to one other Ivey protegee who also got a top job. “Looks like a continuing purging of the innovative initiative of Sue Clark-Johnson for the bean-counting metrics of Dickey — which has been Ivey’s claim to success,” the reader tells me in an e-mail. “Suggests a much more corporate, bottom-line driven initiative by Dickey than the innovation that SCJ was trying to push.”

Join the Coloradoan publisher debate, in the original post.

Ivey was named president of the Mid-South Group in early 2006; some critics have waggishly tagged her Poison Ivey.

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Calling Louisville: What’s the story on Roegner?

June 4, 2008

The Fort Collins Coloradoan now has a new incoming publisher: Kim Roegner, display advertising director at The Courier-Journal in Louisville. She replaces Christine Chin, who resigned last month, Gannett said yesterday.

Her appointment, of course, was an occasion for another one of those delightful press releases, complete with canned-sounding quote attributed to newspaper division President Bob Dickey: “Kim has shown great leadership in all of her roles. She will do an excellent job as president and publisher at the Fort Collins Coloradoan. We are confident that her success at Louisville will continue as she takes on this new responsibility.”

Mmm-mmm, good! It’s almost convincing, Tara!

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Citing ‘personal’ reasons, Fort Collins pub quits

May 6, 2008

Christine Chin had been publisher of the Coloradoan in Fort Collins since 2005. “I’ve achieved the professional goals I set for myself 20 years ago and decided it was time to work on my work-life balance,” the paper quoted her saying today. A search for a successor is underway, Pacific Group regional Vice President Michelle Krans said.

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Gannett aims to be big publisher on campus

January 23, 2008
[Fort Collins, Colo.: Students fight GCI’s interest in campus paper]

Gannett is moving deeper into education-related markets: The Coloradoan in Fort Collins talked to Colorado State University on Tuesday about a “strategic partnership” to run the campus newspaper, The Rocky Mountain Collegian. “The Coloradoan had contacted us late last year . . . to talk about potential partnerships,” spokesman Brad Bohlander told The Associated Press. “The university had not sought to sell the Collegian. . . . Today was in response to that, to set up the first meeting to see what they had to say.”

Students protested, and the Collegian expressed alarm about the talks in a story today headlined: “Gannett eyes Collegian takeover.”

Gannett has been expanding into the college and high school markets in recent years. Just this morning, USA Today announced a partnership with CSTV, an interactive collegiate sports media service that’s part of CBS Sports. The newspaper will carry on its website several CSTV offerings, including CSTV XXL and GameTracker.

GCI’s last digital deal was in October, when it bought a controlling stake for an undisclosed sum in the company that runs; it also sells scheduling software to high school athletics directors. Also last year, Gannett bought the student-run newspaper at the University of Central Florida, and the student paper at Florida State in 2006, the AP says.

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[Image: Ian Bezeck, staff columnist for The Rocky Mountain Collegian, holds one of many signs that appeared in the lobby of the Administration Building opposing the potential sale of Colorado State University’s student newspaper to Gannett, the Collegian says. Photo by Aaron Montoya. Hat tip, Romenesko]