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Reader: What does your 2AdPro ‘liaison’ earn?

November 11, 2008

Regarding Gannett’s contract with an advertising-production outsourcing company, a reader asks in a comment: “What size is the monthly bonus for your 2AdPro ‘liaison?’ You know, the person who is responsible for diverting a sizable number of ads to India each week. Ours gets a few hundred bucks per month if his/her quota is met. I had no idea this was going on, and it made me curious if other papers are paying bonuses for this.”

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In Tenn., a variation on ad-production offshoring

September 18, 2008

Advertising production work for seven Tennessee newspapers is being consolidated at one of them — The Tennessean in Nashville — even as Gannett ships more of that work companywide to India, under a contract with 2AdPro.

The switch later this month involves 22 positions; nine jobs will be eliminated, Tennessean Publisher Ellen Leifeld told employees in a memo. (Ad production is the task of creating the display ads that appear online and in print.)

The other papers are at Clarksville, Jackson, Murfreesboro, Gallatin, Dickson and Franklin. “Designers at those newspapers will be given the opportunity to apply for these 22 positions,” the memo says. “We will still have at least one person remain at each of the respective newspapers to coordinate the flow of ad material from the newspaper, to Nashville and back to the newspaper. Overall, this change will result in the elimination of nine positions.”

Leifeld’s note continues: “Centralizing our design services will allow us to make the best use of the skills we have at all locations, as well as standardize procedures and improve work flow. Additional benefits include better sharing of technology and a more effective proofing system, which directly benefits our customers.”

For months now, Gannett has been moving ad-production work to India under a contract with 2AdPro of Los Angeles. That offshoring has resulted in the elimination of scores of jobs across the company.

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Reader: GCI’s ‘cloak and dagger’ offshoring in UK

August 31, 2008

Regarding Gannett sending advertising production work to offshore vendor 2AdPro, a reader says: “Gannett’s UK arm, Newsquest, is slowly migrating its design work over to 2AdPro and, reading your comments, I fear this is the end of many careers, mine included. What makes it worse is that it’s all very cloak and dagger; no announcement, no consultation: silence. For a media company, we’re not too good at communicating. I believe some UK sites are already sending a percentage of work over to 2AdPro (with extremely negative results — no surprise there) and many redundancies have been made across the UK in its production departments.”

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Earlier: Newsquest editor quits Scottish paper after losses

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In N.J. layoffs, fresh evidence of the new Gannett

May 30, 2008

It sure is something to watch CEO Craig Dubow dismantle a 102-year-old company right before our eyes: rendering newspapers at corporate chop shops, while shipping untold jobs to low-wage countries — all in a shaky bid to keep Wall Street at bay.

Only yesterday, Dubow & Co. was at it again: laying off a steep 55 employees at the Asbury Park Press and three other New Jersey dailies — part of a regional group that’s lately appeared on the edge of freefall. And yet, the N.J. papers are only the latest to be swept up in what I imagine is now Gannett’s biggest retrenchment since World War II. (Dubow, to be sure, has been retailing it on Wall Street as the more April-fresh sounding transformation.)

In Phoenix, Arizona Republic workers are weighing a buyout offer that one of my readers says stinks. In Westchester, N.Y.; Pensacola, Fla., and beyond, advertising-production artists are terrified of being the next to lose jobs to Los Angeles-based 2AdPro, which is shipping their work to India as fast as Gannett will allow.

In the Broadcasting division, Gannett is eliminating graphics jobs in favor of consolidating work at a central “art house” in Denver. And the division is now being asked to adopt a version of the Information Center model that was supposed to boost online advertising revenue when it was rolled out across U.S. newspapers last year. (Gannett has been curiously quiet about whether the strategy is working.)

These are only recent examples; I’ve omitted many others that I know — and even more I hope to uncover in any reader responses I get to this post. I’ve been writing about Gannett’s downsizing since Dubow issued that scary Sept. 11 memo last fall. It’s not at all clear whether he’s now putting his pedal on the accelerator, with even more turmoil ahead for this summer. And I’m not expecting any clarity soon on that point. Why? Nowadays, the well-paid top brass don’t have time to deal with even basic questions.

So, if you’re wondering whether Chief Financial Officer Gracia Martore is about to redline your job — well, don’t look for answers from We Work in a Bubble, Va. They’re already on their third round at the Kool-Aid Bar!

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[Image: yesterday’s Republic, Newseum]

Jobs threatened, artists plea for 2AdPro details

May 29, 2008

At one larger Gannett newspaper in the Midwest, advertising production artists were told that just 30% of their work would get shipped to India via 2AdPro of Los Angeles. “I heard from someone else that Nashville is sending 75% over to 2AdPro,” an artist at that paper says. “So my question is, why would one newspaper be different than another? Wouldn’t there be a mandate for all newspapers?”

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Reader: Broadcast moves graphics work to Denver

May 16, 2008

[Mile high: Denver TV station KUSA’s homepage]

Updated at 4:24 p.m. PT: A reader now says the company producing the “mundane” graphics discussed below is Chyron of Melville, N.Y. Stock picker Jeff Smith at Seeking Alpha wrote about Chyron’s growth prospects in March.

Updated at 10:11 a.m. PT: TVSpy now says as many as 50 employees were affected by what the broadcast trade site is calling “bloodletting at Gannett.”

Earlier: The TV division is consolidating graphics production for its 23 stations at a single new facility to be called Gannett Graphics Group, or G3, in Denver, a Gannett Blog reader says. As part of that move, Broadcasting laid off a number of artists at the 23 stations yesterday, the reader says; I don’t have the exact number. Those laid off may apply for work at the new Denver facility, the reader says. Denver is home to both KUSA and KTVD.

Larger stations will keep one artist, and G3 initially will have 10 artists, the reader says: “Unlike NBC and Media General’s art houses, Gannett has entered into a deal with a company that can generate most of the mundane daily graphics automatically, letting the G3 artist concentrate on the high-end and complex animations.”

The Denver launch is part of a broader and apparently accelerating series of cost-saving moves across Gannett, and it follows a heads-up on Tuesday from Broadcasting President Dave Lougee. G3 came the same day USA Today consolidated regional financial work for its circulation department, reducing the number of well-paid controllers to six, from 17 positions. Overall, as many as 50 jobs were eliminated, my readers have told me.

The background graph
Gannett’s Wisconsin papers are establishing a regional copy and design desk. Earlier, GCI consolidated customer service, photo toning, and other services at regional locations, where fewer people presumably can do the same (or more!) work. In its most extreme economizing step, Gannett is now eliminating scores of ad-production jobs at its newspapers, shifting that work to India under a contract with offshorer 2AdPro of Los Angeles.

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Reader: Corporate’s ‘useless’ bigwigs unaffordable

May 14, 2008

Regarding a Journal News employee laid off yesterday as Gannett offshores more advertising work to India, a reader comments: “The papers in the Gannett chain simply can’t afford to continue propping up useless and unnecessary bigwigs at corporate headquarters. They are pure overhead, in their own words a drag on earnings, adding no value whatsoever. At this stage of the game, they are in self-preservation mode, knowing full well that the chain model no longer works. They won’t initiate a breakup, a la Knight Ridder and Tribune, because it would jeopardize their jobs. What needs to happen is for the outside directors to take charge and hire an investment banking firm to weigh their options. Time to sell the papers and stations to the highest bidders.”

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Reader: ‘I lost my job yesterday’ to India offshoring

May 14, 2008

I receive heartbreaking e-mails like the following several times a week now, as Gannett eliminates more advertising production jobs — shifting that work to India under a contract with 2AdPro of Los Angeles. This note came today from a Journal News employee who says three generations of his family have worked at the Westchester, N.Y., newspaper:

“Just wanted to say thank you for doing this blog! I lost my job yesterday due to outsourcing to India. I worked in the ad design department at The Journal News at Westchester County, N.Y. . . . I had almost nine years of service to the company. My father, who got me the job, had 38 years of service, also in advertising. My mother, stepmother, sister and grandmother all had worked for the Journal News in one way or another! It used to be a fun place to work. . . . All I felt was sadness for those left behind, waiting for their turn, and a bitterness to the powers that be that have destroyed a once vibrant and interesting newspaper!”

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Is GCI broadcast adopting NBC’s Art House model?

April 25, 2008

In a productivity move, NBC centralized graphics production at a single facility, Art House, in Fort Worth, Texas; it now serves all of the giant network’s TV stations. As other broadcasters take similar steps, a Gannett Blog reader says GCI’s broadcasting division will likely be next.

“Gannett’s version will be online soon — probably after the major stations (KUSA, WUSA, KARE and KSDK) get more familiar with the Avid Interplay/ISIS media management and figure out who to rightsize,” the reader says.

Art House is a familiar consolidation strategy. It mirrors Gannett’s selling papers that can’t be clustered; the consolidation of photo processing at a central toning facility; the shift of customer service to the “Centers for Excellence,” and the centralization of copy editing and design at some Wisconsin papers. Plus, of course, Gannett is offshoring newspaper advertising production jobs, under a contract with 2AdPro of Los Angeles.

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UK reader: Ad offshoring ‘takes the biscuit!’

April 17, 2008

One of Gannett’s 8,100 Newsquest employees writes about the loss of advertising-production jobs under Gannett’s contract with 2AdPro of Los Angeles. As in the United States, 2AdPro produces advertising artwork at a fraction of the cost of U.S. and UK workers, by shipping that work to India. “It’s one thing when there is no work and you need to make people redundant but when they give your jobs to people in another country — well, that just about takes the biscuit!” the reader told me in an e-mail this morning. “We have enough immigrants coming here, without our jobs being given away to them while they are still in their motherland. I gather this is happening throughout the UK with Gannett — soon there will be no ad design jobs available here at all at this rate.”

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