Cincy: News hole slashed; at least 30 said laid off

The amount of Cincinnati Enquirer space allotted for content other than ads — the “news hole” — will be reduced by six pages on Sundays and a combined 30 pages across other weekdays beginning the week of Dec. 28, top editor Tom Callinan told CityBeat in a story out today.

Callinan also acknowledged that his paper didn’t publish details of a recent layoff at the paper — even though many smaller Gannett papers mustered the resources to disclose their own plans. CityBeat, citing sources it doesn’t identify, says “at least 30 people — including 13 in the newsroom — were let go.”

CityBeat‘s figure would bring jobs cut in Gannett’s latest layoff to a total of 1,934, based on Gannett Blog reader reports for 68 of 85 newspapers.

Callinan says the news hole reduction “most likely will be accomplished by eliminating the newspaper’s separate Life section, once known as Tempo, and folding it into the Local News section. The Enquirer already eliminated its stand-alone Business section last year as part of cost-cutting moves.”

[Image: today’s front page, Newseum]

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