Neuharth faults age for Wall Street ‘wobbles’

[Age appropriate? His mug shot in USA Today, left, vs. reality]

Like rubbernecking past a car wreck, I can’t resist octogenarian retired CEO Al Neuharth‘s weekly column, every Friday in USA Today.

It’s those gosh-darn whippersnappers running Wall Street that have caused all of us so much financial pain, the multi-multi-multi-gazillionaire growls this morning. Typing by Depression-era candlelight on his fabled black 1926 Royal typewriter, the 84-year-old Neuharth harrumphs:

“The recent wobbles” — wobbles?!!! — “on Wall Street day to day, hour to hour and even minute to minute have been caused by decision-makers who are acting like kids. Actually, many of them are barely beyond that, in age, or frame of mind.”

[Photos: The more rakish picture that USA Today uses to illustrate Neuharth’s column up there on the left is, well — let’s just say it’s not the one taken three months ago]

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