Detroit management begs — and so do employees

As Gannett axes 2,000 jobs at its other newspapers, Detroit employees hunger for details about what’s going down in oddly quiet Motown. “We all feel something is brewing,” one employee told me. “Maybe that’s just paranoia, but I don’t think so.”

On the website, a reader wrote yesterday: “It’s just plain strange that there are like 1,700 cuts nationwide from money making newspapers, and the paper that has consistently lost the most money had no cuts. The tension was so thick yesterday, everyone was glued to the Gannett Blog, then . . . nothing. Something is going on here.”

Indeed, Michigan in general — and Detroit in particular — zoomed to No. 1 on my list (chart, above) of states sending traffic to Gannett Blog today, Google Analytics says. I can’t recall the last time Michigan ranked that high; New York, Virginia and New Jersey are usually in the pole position.

Clearly, management is spooked about the local economy’s impact on the Detroit Free Press. Look no further than this morning’s rare front page editorial, pleading for Congress to rescue the region’s beleaguered automakers:

[Bigger front page view: Newseum]

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