Black journalists fire shot across Gannett’s bow

One of the most powerful minority journalism trade groups has just issued a public challenge to the company as it cuts 2,000 jobs in this week’s big layoff. Referring to Gannett’s Task Force on Newsroom Recruiting, Retention and Diversity, the 3,300-member National Association of Black Journalists says in a statement today:

“NABJ asks that this committee and others like it review Gannett’s diversity numbers after the conclusion of the most recent cuts. NABJ is willing to do our part. This organization is available to aid the industry in any way we can to recruit and retain black journalists. We must all work to reverse this disturbing trend. The question is: Will Gannett and other industry leaders continue their commitment to diversity in difficult economic times?”

As near as I can tell, Gannett was the only company NABJ singled out. In any case, it’s a safe bet the company doesn’t want NABJ — or any group — holding a National Press Club news conference to announce a you-know-what of newspapers, TV stations, and their advertisers.

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