R-r-r-ing! More layoffs by phone, readers say

(Updated.) Another reader just reported they were laid off over the telephone, in a comment that followed similar reports from a handful of other readers. Without identifying the state where they work, Anonymous@8:24 p.m. writes: “Just got a call from my manager. I am being laid off tomorrow and will be compensated for my time here, quite generously, but tomorrow we are letting go about 22 individuals. I feel relieved and sad.”

Yesterday, Anonymous@6:51 p.m. commented: “I am on the East Coast and am a manager and was just called tonight and told I will be terminated, but will still have to do some work before I can leave. My official (last) day is Dec. 19, and then I get my severance. I also have to sit with HR to fire the rest of my team. BTW, my entire group is going. Apparently, they have to start early so they can accomplish all this by mid-week.”

Earlier: We’re building a paper-by-paper tally of layoffs. Just three papers are listed so far; will yours be included?


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