Corporate adds new-product designer/developer

(Updated.) Gannett has quietly hired Yuri Victor of The Times of Northwest Indiana for a Corporate position of product design and development manager.

In a new comment, below, Victor graciously corrects some misconceptions I may have created about his new job, in an earlier version of this post. “I will not be redesigning any papers,” he says. “I will be creating new products or improving existing products. . . . I, too, am upset about the layoffs in journalism and will always do what I can to help. Many of the new products I work on do increase profit and create jobs and the improvements to products can save the company money.”

Victor gets high marks from Charles Apple of the widely read Visual Editors Blog, who writes today: “Yuri is one of the brightest, most impressive young people I’ve ever met. If he’s working on it, then perhaps there’s hope.”

Apple quotes Victor saying: “I got a call out of the blue from Gannett Corporate. They offered me product design and development manager. I accepted and started a week and a half ago. It feels [odd] to make a move in this climate, but I’m already working on projects to increase profit, create jobs and reduce costs through smarter, more efficient process systems. Not cuts.”

Victor was most recently innovation strategist and product development manager at the Times, a Lee Enterprises newspaper in Munster, Ind., according to his LinkedIn profile.

[Image: today’s Times, Newseum; bigger, more readable view]

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