(Eraser-phobic?) Why I rarely delete comments

From an exchange between a reader and me early today in the Real Time Comments open forum, which drew an unusually large (119 and counting!) number of responses:

Anonymous@1:06 a.m.: Monitoring the forums is like baby sitting. Just look at this thread today. If only the higher ups monitored the forums more, then maybe they’d understand.

There’s a reason I require comments to be approved on my blog. Yes it discourages comments but I’d rather keep out the garbage and have a few patient, intelligent posters than a thousand idiots.

Jim Hopkins@1:39 a.m.: I realize these threads sometimes get long and kind of out of control. But I really do moderate each one, and I read every comment. I err on the side of not deleting comments because this is the only site where employees can speak freely; I don’t want to do anything to discourage that.
I’d rather have all those comments here (in this open forum), instead of the way it was before — cluttering up posts where the comments (generally) stuck to a single subject.

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[Photo of eraser: About.com chemistry]

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