Fort Myers: Hudler said bracing staff for big layoffs

News-Press Publisher Carol Hudler — who’s also chief of the South group of papers — today announced how many jobs the struggling Florida paper must cut to meet Corporate’s new budget-cutting goals, a reader tells me in an e-mail.

But I’d first like confirmation from other readers before I post the specific figures given to me. Fort Myers staff: What do you hear?

If Hudler did announce a layoff target for Fort Myers, she did so much sooner than expected. Corporate has told publishers to submit proposals by this Friday on how they’ll meet a planned 10% workforce reduction; most affected employees are to learn their fate the first week of December. As a group leader, however, Hudler is high enough up the food chain to have gotten her plan OK’d already. The question my reader asked: When will Hudler notify the individuals who are getting laid off?

How are you preparing for the 10% cut? Post replies in the comments section, below. E-mail gannettblog[at]gmail[dot-com]; see Tipsters Anonymous Policy in the green sidebar, upper right.

Earlier: Key dates in Gannett’s planned layoff of up to 3,000 workers

[Image: today’s News-Press, Newseum]

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