N.J., N.Y. dominate chatter, but they’re not all

A reader writes: “You know, Jim, if you keep track of where the comments flow from, Westchester, New Jersey and the Crystal Palace should get together and create an NPR-esque Leadership Ring to sponsor you. Listening to those guys, you’d hardly know that U.S. Community Publishing (STUPID NAME, btw) has operations in Ohio, Florida, Wisconsin, Michigan — even Louisiana.”

Indeed, as the chart (inset) shows, the Virginia/D.C. area — home to Corporate and USA Today — was this blog’s top source of traffic in the past 30 days, a new Google Analytics report shows. The figures are based on Internet service provider data, so approximate reader location. New Jersey and New York, two more states with lots of Gannett newspapers, ranked high, too.

But every state sent traffic my way. What’s more, rankings vary by month, depending on which worksites are in the news.

Earlier: In anatomy of a blog, don’t mess with New Jersey!

[Data: Google Analytics]

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