No. 8: Because today’s the end of my pledge drive!

Last in an occasional series of reasons to support Gannett Blog‘s fourth-quarter pledge drive. I’m trying to earn $6,000 quarterly, through advertising and voluntary subscriptions of $5 per reader.

My three-week pledge drive ends today, with a total $1,781 raised — 30% of my goal. Of course, there are still two more months left in the quarter, so it’s possible I’ll raise the other 70% by Dec. 31. But that’s looking pretty unlikely.

Here’s why. Ad sales accounted for only a third of my total — illustrating the abysmal reality of news websites supported solely through ads. The breakdown:

  • Advertising: $580
  • Subscriptions: $1,201
What happens next? I’m about to rent a postal box, requested by some readers uncomfortable with buying a subscription online. And I’ll continue tracking ad sales. In the meantime, as promised, I’m committed to keeping Gannett Blog alive through the end of the year. Then, depending on how much I’ve raised, and whether I’ve found better-paying work, I’ll decide what do with this blog in the new year.

Until then, thank you for your generous support! Many of you opened your wallets to buy subscriptions, often spending far more than my suggested $5. I am honored.

To buy a $5 subscription, please use the “Donate” tool in the green sidebar, upper right. Any amount appreciated! Post feedback in the comments section, below. Send e-mail to gannettblog[at]gmail[dot-com].

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