10% cut: One paper prepares for staff reduction

Part of an occasional series on how Gannett newspapers are preparing for an unprecedented layoff in early December.

In an e-mail, an employee at one of Gannett’s bigger newspapers writes: “I’ve been asked by my editor to re-engineer the print content into fewer sections and cut 10% of our newshole. Basically, it’s a re-thinking or redesign of the entire product. . . . I’m working with one other content editor in secrecy.”

The editor’s request, and the employee’s secret work, was prompted by a teleconference on Wednesday, where News Department chief Phil Currie (left) began counseling top editors on how they will meet Corporate’s demand for a 10% staff reduction.

In a note to editors about the cuts, Currie wrote: “We have thoughts to share on possible content changes that — while regrettable — might be least damaging. You have been working on contingencies, and we also hope to learn of creative ideas being considered across the company so that we can share them.”

How are you preparing for the 10% cut? Post replies in the comments section, below. E-mail gannettblog[at]gmail[dot-com]; see Tipsters Anonymous Policy in the green sidebar, upper right.


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