KUSA-TV anchor out; more on-air talent at risk

The 23 TV stations (or is it now 22?) in the broadcasting division aren’t immune to this week’s job reductions. In what a reader says will be the first in a wave of news anchors getting the boot, Denver’s KUSA-TV just dumped Bob Kendrick (left); he’s been with the station since 2003.

“He’s the first in a few that will be rightsized in the next few weeks,” a reader says. “Now, he wasn’t outright fired, but he was told his contract would not be renewed. This sucks for Bob, since he’s a talented newsman, and well-liked in the newsroom. When we signed him five years ago, he had an offer from MSNBC, but took Denver because of the quality of life over New Jersey.”

My reader continues: “This is going to be happening across Gannett TV this week. Last May, the broadcast TV scumbags made a tour across the U.S., and called for ‘focus groups’ to watch the talent at each station. They gave a bullshit reason for doing it, but even then we knew it was to cull the herd. Call in your other broadcast informers – it’s going to be a lousy week for TV anchors!”

Earlier: WUSA-TV saves $500,000 with one-anchor desk


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