Chatter: Oh, woe is you, little town of Burlington!

Chatter is an occasional peek at your comments. In today’s edition, readers compete for the title of Gannett workplace with the most pathetic holiday expectations.

Way up there in crunchy granola Vermont, a reader wonders: “How many GCI shops are having holiday parties this year? Bonuses? I work in Burlington. We haven’t had a party in 5-6 years, but every year for Thanksgiving we get a choice of a ham, block of cheese, turkey or some vegan thing. Simply outstanding.”

Moments later, a Garden State reader fires back: “You’re kidding me, right? We get nothing in N.J. In fact, we’re expected to walk to work, for miles, all uphill, in the snow, and with no shoes! And we like it!”

Then, from Somewhere Unknown in Gannettland, another reader insists: no, their Gannett workplace is the most pathetic! “This holiday season we will all get a Cornish game hen with pink slip stuffing!”

Finally, from a sturdy, Midwestern state: “Snow in N.J.? Wah, wah. Come live in Wisconsin; we had snow yesterday.”

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2 Responses to “Chatter: Oh, woe is you, little town of Burlington!”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Regarding the Jersey comment:

    Doesn’t anyone know sarcasm when they see it??

    The truth is we had Christmas parties in Asbury Park until good ol’ Skip came on board. They were an annual event. We brought our kids in, they raffled off the graft that came in to the reporters over the course of the year — the money went to Bob Collins’ pet charity, Juvenile Diabetes research — and it was really a nice time.

    Good ol’ Skippy killed that, though.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    What’s a Christmas party?

    No, seriously — I’ve been in journalism for almost eight years now, and no Gannett paper I worked for had it in that time.

    In any case, they’re pointless, I think. Save the money for something else — like Web design!

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