By the numbers: GCI gains Web share from ’07

Spotlighting digital growth, Gannett’s websites attracted 21% more unique visitors last month than in September 2007, the just-released third-quarter earnings report shows.

The company’s consolidated domestic Internet audience share, according to Nielsen//NetRatings data cited in earnings reports:

  • September 2008: 25.4 million unique visitors reaching 15.6% of the Internet audience
  • September 2007: 21.0 million unique visitors, reaching 13.4% of the audience
(Why unique visitors is a tricky metric.)

One Response to “By the numbers: GCI gains Web share from ’07”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Do you know that for a fact when it comes to Gannett properties? Yes, there have been reports that the price for web ads per thousands of page views have declined *overall* but do you know whether *Gannett* has reduced its ad rate, and do you know whether, if true, it is offset (or more than offset) by increased page views?

    Because if you don’t know the answers to those questions, you’re blowing smoke.

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