Chatter: Buying (and selling) GCI on the cheap

An occasional peek at what you’re chattering about. In today’s edition: Gannett’s stock plunge attracting vulture investors. Plus: time to put the entire company up for sale on eBay?

With Gannett shares getting clobbered an extraordinary 14%, one reader wrote: “Someone is going to go after Gannett. Hard. I just don’t see GCI being able to survive in its current form. I think the only question is ‘Who?'”

Time for an auction, another reader said: “Sooner or later Gannett’s board will realize that this Elmer-glued collage of big newspapers, small newspapers, community newspapers, foreign newspapers, TV stations and oddball websites is unsustainable. The stuff’s not going to be worth much more in the near future. A lot of the papers won’t be worth anything at the rate Gannett is dismantling them and outsourcing so many functions. Time to test the market and see what these papers and stations will bring on eBay.”

Finally, noting a sly reference to my nickname for Al Neuharth, a third reader said: “Refresh us, what’s your nickname for Al? Big Al? Little Neuharth? Octogenarian Retired CEO Who Still Suckles at the Corporate Teat? Bloodsucking Egomaniacal Asshole? Beezlebub? Any of them work.”

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6 Responses to “Chatter: Buying (and selling) GCI on the cheap”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Neuharth…a pathetic joke whose time has long since past. Man, the fools we’ve had to endure in this company….

  2. rmichem Says:

    Didn’t EBAY, lay off some people last week?

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I once went into the Fla. Today building and saw the statue of him. It’s like 3 times bigger than him, LOL!

    That said it all.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Please let it be Google… please let it be Google… please let it be Google…

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Sam Zell or the Moonies, baby.

    I’m not sure which one’s crazier. But either would be better than what we’ve got now.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Watch out what you wish for 3:23am

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