Chatter: Jennifer Carroll’s so LOL; plus: Sex sells!

An occasional peek at what you’ve been chattering about over the past 24 hours. Latest: Myth vs. reality in Wilmington. And, the politics of comments gives me a perfect excuse to post a sexually charged Ibiza photo (left!) designed to enrich me by driving up page views. (Don’t you love the craven new world of digital journalism?!)

Gannett Digital guru Jennifer Carroll‘s praise for Delaware’s News Journal in an interview with PBS was totally LOL funny to Anonymous@2:13 a.m.: “Give me a break. Wilmington is such a ‘continuous news operation’ that it doesn’t have anyone on hand on Saturday or Sunday until about noon to handle breaking news,” they wrote. “You can get a news assistant on the phone, and that’s about it. And there’s no one on-site from about 4 a.m. until 7 a.m. They do have a very good update editor who does some breaking news stuff from home ‘on his own time’ when he’s able, but that’s the exception to the rule. 24/7?? Please stop lying to people.”

And talk about LOL! “Gannett has begun practicing some sort of dark humor,” comments @10:16 a.m. “I left the company a week ago and just received a letter from the 401(k) administrator. I opened the envelope to find a completely blank piece of Gannett benefits stationery. Who knew anyone at GCI was that profound?”

Partisan politics being, well, partisan, I ran into another buzz saw when I tried to keep comments focused sharply on Gannett in the Real Time Comments open forum. @11:23 a.m. said: “I would like to talk about how Jim is going to raise some money. Does that get me deleted, too?”

@11:25 a.m. fired back: “Only if you suggest some sort of members-only photo gallery of the party scene in Ibiza. TMI.”

Join the debate — or start a new one, in Real Time Comments.

[Photo: dancers at Amnesia, one of the big nightclubs on Ibiza, the Mediterranean island where Sparky and I spent the summer]

2 Responses to “Chatter: Jennifer Carroll’s so LOL; plus: Sex sells!”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Jim, I’ve been curious for a while – did anyone ever come up with a number on how much the company has saved after the witch hunt for non-dependents on Gannett insurance was finished?

    I’m mainly wondering if we saved enough money to pay for the independent auditors, or if we spent a pile of dollars to save some pennies.

    Btw, thanks for holding your nose and posting some bikini babes with the stud…. LOL.

  2. Jim Hopkins Says:

    2:17 p.m.: Holding my nose? I may be gay, but I’m not blind: Those two women are hot!

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