In big market dive, GCI closes at new low: $13.37

That’s a decline of 8.5% — or $1.24 — Google Finance says, on a day when major stock market indexes plunged to new lows as well. Much of today’s fall in Gannett shares came in the final hour of trading. For comparison: The Dow Jones Industrial Average tumbled 7.3%, and the S&P-500 Index fell 7.6%.

10 Responses to “In big market dive, GCI closes at new low: $13.37”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    401Ks are in deep trouble. But pensions are suppose to be safe, Gannett has to cover the pension money lost in the last two weeks in the market. Does anyone know how a struggling company like Gannett can cover this?

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Maybe a a recent loan of a billion or so dollars?

  3. Anonymous Says:


    22 months ago it was $60.67 when I sold the few options I had above water.

    78% drop.


  4. Anonymous Says:

    Prepare for at least 10% payroll cuts at the Gannett Florida newspapers in the next two months. Their revenue is as bad as it ever as been. Those papers were not impacted as much by the 1000 employee August cuts. And they were untouched by the 100 dept head hatchet job.

  5. Jim Hopkins Says:

    Are you stating that as fact — or as your firm speculation?

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Ft Myers and Tallahassee both lost director level positions in the last exec cut.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    lets give Dubow a pay raise or annual incentive of 3 million like LY.. what a great job he is doing. Also, maybe advertising should spend more time on the streets and not in the office.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    anon 5:14, as a current Gannett employee I find your post hateful, spiteful and just plain mean-spirited. Decorum prevents me from telling you how I truly feel about you.

    I hope whatever company was unfortunate enough to land you goes belly-up tomorrow and you get canned. Wait, that sounds like something you would say. Never mind.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    5:15 why do you still come here and read this if you hated Gannett so much and you have been gone for 5 years? sounds like your new job is not half as great as your old one.
    you also sound like a hateful human being.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    @12:25, you are sooo wrong.

    You’re probably one of those (liberal/conservative)-loving (insert adjective here) (naughty noun here) that complain about every (innocent apple pie reference) that comes down the road. The people who followed (evil dictator) would have considered you a friend. (Insert general curse about intelligence or parentage or sexual preference here).

    Cut, copy, paste. Stick in every forum on every subject that you can.

    12:25 is right – we’re a culture of snipers – hiding behind Anonymous and taking stupid (and oftentimes BORING, which is worse) potshots at people – because we can.

    At our site, we’re lucky that we have a core of about 50 posters who will challenge such flamers on their assertations – even if they might personally agree with the substance of the charge. Ad hominem attacks don’t go unnoticed, and even the fellows who vehemently disagree end up appreciating the conversation when it is well reasoned and on point.

    Even if the other guy is a poopy head.

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