Indy: Guild fighting seven newsroom layoffs

Gannett yesterday rejected the Newspaper Guild’s formal protest over The Indianapolis Stars decision to reduce newsroom employment by means other than seniority, blogger Ruth Holladay says, quoting a union memo. The Guild says the Star did not follow terms of its contract with union members. “In August, and in virtually every meeting we have had with management,” the memo says, “the Guild implored the company to explore the idea of ‘volunteers’ for the impending layoffs. We know of co-workers who are interested in an early exit, and who wanted to spare other employees who are earlier in their careers and want to stay.”

If the union wins, it says the Star would be forced to lay off workers on a last-hired, first-fired basis. The seven newsroom layoffs were among 20 jobs cut at the paper, readers say. But Holladay says the company-wide total was higher: 23.

Earlier: Our paper-by-paper list of layoffs

[Image: today’s front page, Newseum]

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    I just deleted a comment that included an especially personal attack. Please don’t do that.

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