Blogger: ‘Signs point’ to GCI selling Newsquest

The British chain of 17 dailies and about 300 weeklies was mostly to blame for Gannett’s nearly $2 billion write-down in assets this summer. With circulation continuing to fall in the U.K., and fresh challenges in Gannett’s domestic market, Guardian blogger Roy Greenslade says: “Many of its dailies have suffered from terrible circulation declines. The Brighton Argus is selling just over 30,000 and falling, the Oxford Mail sold fewer than 24,000 in June, and the Colchester Gazette is barely selling 21,000.”

With more consolidation of newspapers in the British market, Greenslade says, “signs point towards Newsquest as the most likely victim of the down-turn. But, even if rival groups or local managers think some of the weeklies have a future, who really wants 17 failing regional daily papers.”

Gannett has denied Newsquest sale rumors before, of course.

[Image: today’s Southern Daily Echo, one of 17 Newsquest dailies, Newseum]


6 Responses to “Blogger: ‘Signs point’ to GCI selling Newsquest”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Well, so much for my plan to transfer to the U.K.

    Wonder if any Newsquest folks read this blog?

  2. Jim Hopkins Says:

    Indeed, some Newsquest staffers do read this blog. I wish more did, however.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Somewhere, Gary Watson is crying. Newsquest was his pet project. I think he planned to retire to an English manor. Wonder where he actually wound up?

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Read avidly. The Titanic keeps steaming in to the minds eye, wonder why? (A Newsquest staffer)

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Don’t you need a BUYER in order to SELL? Just who do you think would buy these losers?

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Speaking as one of the many ‘losers’, may I respond … This type of half-sentence stupidity goes a long way to gaining sympathy for any cause you might have…and disproving the worldwide belief that some Americans are …(fill in the blank).
    However, if I can get back on track to the more sane members of Gannett staff, I’d point out that Newsquest staff across the UK have suffered nothing but cuts and layoffs since being bought over by the limp UK arm of Gannett.
    As a proud member of the dedicated staff of journalists in Glasgow (The Herald/Sunday Herald/Evening Times) I can tell you that it’s certainly not the place anyone would want to be transferred to. We are balloting right now for industrial action against the company in response to what has become a regular, almost quarterly, demand for more cutbacks. This time they are asking for £2million, with £1million from editorial, which basically adds up to about 50 jobs this time. Given the laughable level of staff remaining, this may well be the final cut into the jugular. This is not an exaggeration.
    As for buying and selling our ever-diminishing piece of Newsquest. Believe me, if there was any indication of our piece of Newsquest being sold, there would be bells (the big metal kind and the whisky sort) chiming all over Glasgow. So, if there is anybody out there with enough clout to persuade Gannett to sell us … go ahead …the drinks will be on me!

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