Reader: I’m ‘addicted’ to USAT’s credit coverage

Regarding developments in the economic crisis, Anonymous@3:20 p.m. says in yesterday’s edition of Real Time Comments: “USA Today is doing an excellent job online and in print on the economic crisis. I worked for Gannett years ago and I travel a lot now. People still read USA Today a great deal on airplanes and I always have some guy next to me asking to read my copy. I have been addicted to the USA Today coverage the past few days. The online coverage is especially rich and dimensional. I also watch CNBC, MSNBC, read the NY Times and go online to MarketWatch. I have not seen anyone cover this event with as much perspective as USA Today. Great job.”

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3 Responses to “Reader: I’m ‘addicted’ to USAT’s credit coverage”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Thank you.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Once in awhile there are some nice things said about all the good work done by the people at USA Today. Good people too.

    I also noticed that the online edition has a lot of readers commenting on the stories. I think USA Today will be around for a very long time based on what I see around the country…its exposure is quite large. And the interaction now online just adds further value for the reader.

    Let’s hope the Gannett management realizes they need to keep that flagship strong.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    At a vacation spot this summer, I came upon three people desperately trying to deposit money in a malfunctioning USA Today box so they could get papers. They were not going to leave until they got their papers.

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