Phoenix: In rare sighting, a pair of big scissors!

It’s been eons since I saw a metro paper publish a ribbon-cutting ceremony photo. But there it is, on today’s Arizona Republic site, illustrating a story about the opening of a hotel. (As a long-time business reporter, I’ve always wondered if there’s a vendor that sells big scissors, oversized checks, “gold”-plated shovels and other chamber of commerce essentials.)

12 Responses to “Phoenix: In rare sighting, a pair of big scissors!”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Jim said: “As a long-time business reporter, I’ve always wondered if there’s a vendor that sells big scissors, oversized checks, “gold”-plated shovels and other chamber of commerce essentials.”

    Me too. I’d love to see what THAT catalog looks like! “Scissors of all sizes!”

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I abhor grip and grin shots. So, to make them as real as possible, I treat them like any other live event: I don’t tell the subjects what to do. If they ask me for instructions, I tell them to ask whomever is running the event.

    I also take other photos in hopes that the grip and grin doesn’t make it onto the page.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    You do realize that the hotel site wraps the The Republic’s Dark Tower?

  4. Anonymous Says:

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Back when the Republic was in the “old building” across 2nd street, that Sheraton sits on the parking lot where I used to bake my buns and fry my hands getting in the car to go home. That’s right — it sits on land the Republic sold years ago as part of a profit-bumping efforts to make the paper appeal to buyers (such as Gannett). There was a massive sell-off of land in the 90s, including the land on which Chase Field (formerly Bank One Ballpark) sits.

    I’ve always wondered if those profits were accurately reflected in the profit margins. I mean, I’m sure Gannett accountants are sharp enough. Right?

  6. Anonymous Says:

    When I read biz stories, I look for one thing—Federal, state and local government support involved.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    OMG, $105 for gold-plated scissors that are only 12 inches?!

    The pair in that photo looks like the $170 36-inch scissors.


  8. Anonymous Says:

    as a photo editor I absolutely refuse to assign this crap, also ground breakings, flag raisings, check presentations, etc. unless I am specifically told “it’s a govt job.” then we do what we got to but it’s a waste of resources.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    What part of a groundbreaking isn’t news? Sure, it’s boring to shoot or cover. Sure, you’re not going to win a Pulitzer. And you can probably cut-and-paste the few faces that change from one event to the next.

    How is that different from 95% of the sports photos that get run? “Pitcher with leg in air” “Golfer peering over edge of sand trap” “Receiver looking over shoulder with hands up” “Sweaty guys going up to the hoop”

    Yet, which event affects more of your readers personally? Some NY/LA sports story or, in this case, a 1,000 room hotel opening in an already saturated market, creating jobs while hopefully luring more convention business.

    Local-local might have its detractors, but I’d rather read stories and see photos that make a difference to me. Nothing against USAT, but I don’t get it delivered at home. I do read my daily, and the free weekly – because it has the local info that no one else can give me.

    And guess what. New business openings, charity donations, Rotary speeches by candidates… that is news. Sufficiently interesting recent events.

    But what do I know, I’m not a Journalist. I’m just a customer.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Amen, sister @ 4:04 – if I hear our “photojournalists” bitching one more time about getting stuck doing ‘shooter’ work… prima donnas. They already get the newest equipment, the biggest travel accounts – AND they want perpetually interesting work. They should run for president, a job big enough to justify their heads.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    I think the reader comments show pretty clearly the story missed the mark on answering their specific local local questions.

    After seeing this photo, I’m wondering what the editors will tell the next ribbon cutters, ground breakers or big check holders!

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Phoenix is still very small town and it’s not surprising they stoop to cover this stuff. The Republic has a sophomoric staff left (after chasing all the good ones away) and it’s no wonder they’re pissing themselves like an excited cocker spaniel over THIS photo op.

    Strictly “Hee Haw” territory, folks.

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