Recalling the late Paul Newman, with a rare film

It’s one of my favorites: Rachel, Rachel, which the actor produced and directed for his wife, Joanne Woodward.

Paul Newman died Friday at 83; the cause was cancer. From The New York Times’ obituary: “When good roles for Woodward dwindled, Newman produced and directed Rachel, Rachel for her in 1968. Nominated for the best-picture Oscar, the film, a delicate story of a spinster schoolteacher tentatively hoping for love, brought Woodward her second of four best-actress Oscar nominations.”

Now, here’s a clip from a Newman Biography segment:

[Image: Netflix]

3 Responses to “Recalling the late Paul Newman, with a rare film”

  1. rmichem Says:

    My Paul Newman story. Several, years ago, I had contact with the National Enquirer, about finding out were Paul’s secret hideaway was, when he raced in Lexington. A reporter friend, from the Cleveland Pain Dealer, who wrote under the table, for N.E. told then about me. Since I had no interest, in writing for the N.E. especially after talking to a N.E. editor. I did not research, to find out if the rumor was true. Went to my dentist, and told her hygienist the story. It turn out to be that her dad went to college with Newman, at Kenyon. and were friends. She told me were the house was( which has long since been sold). So I checked it out. Beautiful, wood and some logs, indoor swimming pool, not far from the track. I did reconsider, but no. Deep down inside I hate newspapers.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    he lived his life with grace and dignity. we could all learn a thing or two about a famous life lived quietly.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    and he gave endlessly. Mr. Dubow and many CEO’s could learn from him.

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