FAQs About Me: Why I’m such a skeptical reporter

One in an occasional series about yours truly.

Q. Instead of minding your own business, and trusting the executives back in McLean, Va., you take internal company documents and publish them for all the world to see. Why in heavens do you do that?
A. Early in my career, I was inspired by a tough-as-nails Pine Bluff Commercial reporter (hi, Gwen!) who was similarly accused of being a jaded journalist. The fact is, once you’ve been lied to by publicists — and it happened to me, early on — you learn P.R. folks don’t always tell the truth.

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One Response to “FAQs About Me: Why I’m such a skeptical reporter”

  1. Jim Hopkins Says:

    Has a flack told you a real whopper? Tell us your stories!

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