Breaking: 100 jobs cut in newspaper division re-org

Updated at 6 p.m. ET. Please see my new post: A reorganization meant to cut costs — and speed up change

This just in from newspaper division chief Bob Dickey. It follows recent speculation here that the division was about to be reorganized. Now working from my iPhone, so can’t write much; will update later. Comment, please, below.

Sept. 9, 2008

Dear Fellow Employee,

Given the job reductions across our division in the past month, I wanted to share with all of you our reasoning and plans for the future under a new structure we are implementing beginning today.

Like many businesses, the weakening economy has had a significant effect on our financial performance. Hardest are the classified categories – real estate, employment and automotive, where our year-over-year classified losses are in the 25% range. But it does not stop there: All segments are struggling with the current economic conditions and, unfortunately, forecasters predict that a rebound won’t occur until well into 2009 or later.

While our local market position remains strong, it is critical to our future as the preeminent local news and advertising source that we adjust and align our resources for continued success. Although we worked hard this year to manage costs, the decline in revenue has outweighed expense reductions almost threefold. Last month this led us to adjust our workforce by 1,000 positions, while attempting to minimize the impact on content creation and ad sales capacity.

Today, we are revising our overall organizational structure by eliminating approximately 100 department head positions. This new structure flattens our executive management ranks, enhances the role of our group sites and aligns corporate resources with the field as we aggressively pursue our print and digital strategies to deliver what readers and advertisers want.

Group directors in circulation, finance, human resources, information technology, marketing and production/operations have been appointed to support their area of expertise across their group. Current executives within their respective groups will fill the new group director positions as well as retain their current responsibilities. You can find a listing of these new directors at the end of this letter.

I believe this new structure will improve communication, streamline processes, accelerate program deployment and, most importantly, improve our marketing efforts.

This is a difficult time for those leaving us and, I am sure, for you and your colleagues still on the job. I would like to emphasize that none of these job reductions was a reflection on anyone’s performance. Those affected made valuable contributions to their newspapers and they will be missed.

We have important work ahead of us as we maneuver a changing media landscape amidst a difficult U.S. economy. But I am confident the desire and need for accurate news, information and advertising content is only increasing and we – with our multiple platforms are in the best position to deliver it.

Over the coming months I will be travelling to many sites to hear first hand how best to position U.S. Community Publishing for the future and to update you on our plans to improve our market share. In the meantime, do not hesitate to call or email me with your thoughts and ideas. I know each of you has tremendous insight that can be beneficial to our overall future.

I strongly believe that our local media companies will always play a critical role in their communities. You and your colleagues are key contributors to this important mission each and every day. Thank you for your support and dedication in these difficult times … times we will successfully navigate.



Following are the newly named group directors at the four regions created in late June’s Friday Afternoon Massacre. The regions are led by the publishers at the following locations:

South region: based in Fort Myers, Fla.
Circulation: Bob Sutherland, VP/Circulation (Fort Myers)

Finance: Matt Petro, VP/Administration (Fort Myers)

Human Resources: Julie Lusk, Human Resources Director (Brevard)

Information Technology: Stacey Martin, VP/Operations (Nashville)

Market Development: Bob Faricy, VP/Market Development (Nashville)

Production/Operations: Mike Monscour, VP/Operations (Fort Myers)

Interstate: Indianapolis
Circulation: Mike Huot, VP/Circulation (Louisville)

Finance: Dawn Fisher-Polomski, Senior VP/Finance (Indianapolis)

Human Resources: Randi Austin, VP/Human Resources (Louisville)

Information Technology: Gary Shawd, VP/Information Technology (Louisville)

Market Development: Steve Simpson, VP/Market Development (Cincinnati)

Production/Operations: Bill Bolger, VP/Operations & IT (Indianapolis)

West: Des Moines
Circulation: Rick Bell, VP/Circulation (Des Moines)

Finance: Julie Harvey, VP/Finance (Des Moines)

Human Resources: Joyce Ray, VP/Human Resources (Des Moines)

Production/Operations: Larry Urrutia, VP/Production (Tucson)

Market Development: Susan Patterson Plank, VP/Market Development (Des Moines)

Information Technology: to be announced

East: Wilmington, Del.
Circulation: Mike Kane, VP/Circulation (Wilmington)

Finance: Don Lemire, VP/Finance (Wilmington)

Human Resources: Dolores Pinto, VP/Human Resources (Wilmington)

Information Technology: Wayne Peragallo, VP/Information Technology (Asbury Park)

Production/Operations: Antoinette Franceschini, VP/Production (Wilmington)

Marketing: To be announced

115 Responses to “Breaking: 100 jobs cut in newspaper division re-org”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    so what does this mean for us grunts in the trenches? Will we see any discernible difference now?

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Ok, first the peons got axed, now middle management, when in God’s name is Dubow and company going to get canned? Soon I hope.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Here’s what it means in Rochester.

    Effective immediately, the positions of Vice President of Planning and Development and Vice President of Marketing and Communications are combined into the Marketing Department. Jim Fogler will become our Vice President of Marketing. The former planning and development team and the marketing and communications team will report to him.

    Please join me in thanking Agatha Pardo for her significant contributions. We wish her the very best. We also thank Jim and his expanded team as they now take on considerably more responsibilities.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    This tells us who is taking over, but it doesn’t say who they are letting go. So who are they letting go?

  5. Anonymous Says:

    The marketing and circulation directors in Cherry Hill, that’s two.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Never thought I would see it. If you didn’t make the list, you are gone.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    The Circ VP in Greenville

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Westchester has just lost all of its remaining VPs – just about the entire O.C. is out.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Any word on the Az Republic?

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Any dept. head not on this list, other than news and advertising, has been demoted to local flunkie order-taker sucking up to the regional big cheese in another city. Pretty soon, the only person left at some papers will be the person running the Moms site.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    The industry has literally collapsed around us. It is not functioning–tough economic times,
    no follow through, raising the rates, reorganizing departments,
    we are paralyzed and cannot effectively work in this hostile, unsettling environment. It’s hell being in advertising–we cannot sell enough to save jobs. If Gannett wanted to destroy the newspaper industry, they are succeeding at an alarming rate.

  12. Anonymous Says:

    A lot of Westchester folks are out of a job today, it’s sad really, however they are one of the most poorly run organizations in what is left of the Gannett Universe.

  13. Anonymous Says:

    Hello Bridgewater……Ding Dong the WITCH is dead. It will now a better place to work, the grey cloud has left the building!! Maybe Nutrisystem has position available. Later LM…………

  14. Anonymous Says:

    Can you spell K A R M A????? It will get you everytime……

  15. Anonymous Says:

    what about Asbury?

  16. Anonymous Says:

    This will be interesting to watch. Sorta like a multi car crash on the interstate.

  17. Anonymous Says:

    No casualties this time around at The Clarion-Ledger in Jackson, MS. The Hattiesburg American lost their Operations/Production Director today.

  18. Anonymous Says:

    2 VP’s in Cincinnati – IT and circulation

  19. Anonymous Says:

    It looks just like the bloodbath I mentioned last week. I’m surprised it came so soon.

  20. Anonymous Says:

    marketing director Jay Peak in Binghamton….

  21. Anonymous Says:

    IT Greg Helton in Fort Myers

  22. Anonymous Says:

    HR, IT and marketing in Alexandria

  23. Anonymous Says:

    Who’s out in Asbury?

  24. Anonymous Says:

    what about Jackson, TN and in Clarksville?

  25. Anonymous Says:

    Any details re: Honolulu?

  26. Anonymous Says:

    Wow, as shocking as this is,(my condolences to many who lost their jobs) this did seem to be the way it was heading in NJ anyway. They hired a senior VP of Circulation and then a Sales & Marketing Director for the NJ papers (lost my job 3 weeks ago)so something was obviously in the works for Circulation. Sounds like they just saved themselves a whole lot of payroll $$.

  27. Anonymous Says:

    Circulation, online and production heads in Poughkeepsie are gone now. Marketing moved under advertising and Web moved under news.

  28. Anonymous Says:

    The witch is still flying high over the Bridgewater location…look out my pretties!!

  29. Anonymous Says:

    circulation and human resources are out in Morristown

  30. Anonymous Says:

    Production, IT, HR and Circulation in Asheville

  31. Anonymous Says:

    VP of IT in Tucson.

  32. Anonymous Says:

    Looks like K. Marymont took care of her friends in Fort Myers. It pays to have friends in high places.

  33. geneology Says:

    IT and Marketing walked out the door in Lafayette, La. this afternoon.

  34. Anonymous Says:

    Lost HR, circulation and accounting heads in Montgomery.

    I knew two of them. Good people.

  35. Anonymous Says:


    Attached is a memo from Bob Dickey, President, Gannett U.S. Community Publishing outlining management restructures that are happening at a number of Gannett newspapers today.

    When our Florida economy began softening in late 2006, we modified our department structures which reduced top-level management in early 2007. In some ways, you might say we were ahead of the curve of departmental changes that are happening across Gannett. Because of that, we are not making any changes to our management team. Going forward, we’ll work more closely with our Group Directors, the other Florida papers as well as our South Group papers to share resources.

    Please let me know if you have any questions. Bob Dickey has also wanted all to know that you are welcome to contact him with any questions as well.

    Thank you for your continued efforts and support.


    Mark Mikolajczyk

  36. Anonymous Says:

    Five gone in Wisconsin:

    “Green Bay Circulation Director Scott Daily, Central Wisconsin Regional Human Resources Director Karen Brzezinski and Central Wisconsin Regional Marketing Director Sara Valiska. Their last day with the company is today.

    “Fond du Lac and Sheboygan Circulation Director Manny Nevarez and Central Wisconsin Regional Circulation Director Bobby Nowak, will leave the company at the end of November after the completion of several circulation projects.”

  37. Anonymous Says:

    It’s pretty sad what Gannett is doing. Today the so called “higher ups” at various newspapers across the nation were told they no longer have jobs. One of which was my father. It’s pretty sad information to hear. Still hasn’t set in yet. He worked hard for many years…they lost a very intelligent, hardworking, geniune man…but this truly was a blessing in disquise.

  38. Anonymous Says:


  39. Anonymous Says:

    I’m not sure what you are all worried about we have 57 Newspaper Division VP’s that will be able to fill the gap. All the real thinking goes on at corporate not at the newspapers anyway. Maybe if we hire more corporate executives we will make more money.

  40. Anonymous Says:

    This is a sad day for all of us in this business… I got out a few years ago, during their cuts then… I hate it for the good people they let go and their families. Seems like if they would run their company like the rest of the small newspapers, they wouldn’t be having all the problems they are having. They may have to sell some of their properties in order to stay in business….

  41. Anonymous Says:

    In Port Huron, we lost the Circulation Director two months ago and now the Production Director, HR Director and the Controller. So from six directors down to two, not good.

  42. Anonymous Says:

    bye bye westchester adv vp,couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy!

  43. Anonymous Says:

    I can’t believe that everyone is so surprised by what is happening. I agree, it’s not good for allot of talented people, but is anyone in touch with reality – you are in the news business. Companies, large and small, ARE struggling. People ARE losing their jobs in order for the company to survive. Of course in the case of Gannett – there are only a few good years left – it’s the industry. We were told that when we all welcomed the internet. What did everyone think was going to happen with the stock as low as it is – you have to look out for investors. Remember no one is safe – be proactive – not reactive. Get out while you can…

  44. Anonymous Says:

    clarksville lost circ director and hr director

  45. Anonymous Says:

    I just found out the Circulation and HR Directors are out in Jackson, TN.

  46. Anonymous Says:

    I do not know many of the people involved in todays cuts but I continue to be amazed at the totally incompetent people that manage to hang on to their jobs. These are the ones that should get the boot.

  47. Anonymous Says:

    I wonder how the color lines fall here… many of these people were caucasian and how many minorities….might be interesting.

  48. Anonymous Says:

    Lafayette, Indiana lost it’s IT Director

  49. Anonymous Says:

    as for the Asbury Park Press, we lost our controller. I saw someone ask that a couple of times.

  50. Anonymous Says:

    What about Ft Myers?

  51. Anonymous Says:

    This could be a calculated purge of departmemt heads without going through the process of termination for cause, i.e., path of least resistance. It will be interesting to see how many, if any, of the eliminated positions are subsequently filled.

  52. Anonymous Says:

    Actually I think Dickey is headed in the right direction. Sure you hate to see 100 people go but these folks were making a lot of money and the management structure sucked – top heavy.

  53. Anonymous Says:

    I’d like to know the average age of the people in the jobs that were eliminated. Better yet, the number of people who were 40 and over.

    Was this a surprise? Did they get buyouts?

    Just a comment about the lost HR heads in light of the performance review post—So sorry that anyone lost an income, but that system sounded so broken. Maybe it’s a good thing to have fewer people in HR.

  54. Anonymous Says:

    Gannett has been top heavy for a while — I’m now ex-Gannett, by choice, but I watched top Directors promote or hire people into positions because they knew them outside of work — and they were given jobs they weren’t qualified for — or they got promoted because of their good golf games. What goes around comes around. Egos get in the way of what is smart sometimes.

  55. Anonymous Says:

    I’m wondering if the number is actually higher than 100. It sounds like every location lost at least 1 person. If that is true for every property, then that is 84 of 100 right there. If the number is higher, I wouldn’t be surprised. Gannett probably didn’t expect anyone to create a list of the positions eliminated. I heard chatter from colleagues up above several months ago that the New Gannett 2.0 revision was on its way. Supposedly they were waiting to see which directors fell in line with the new strategy. hmmm?

  56. Anonymous Says:

    I know several of the employees that were let go and they were good, hardworking, loyal, caring people. The fact that they were department heads does not make them evil. The company just lost a lot of brainpower that will make the process of getting out of the mess much harder.

  57. Anonymous Says:

    lansing lost 1, marketing director

  58. Anonymous Says:

    Bob Dickey did the right thing. It is painful to see people lose their jobs but remember he is managing in a down market…he did not invent the internet nor did he alone staff up over the 30+ years of the golden ages of newspapers. This company has to make aggressive decisions if it will survive. He seems to at least care what people in the field have to say.

  59. Anonymous Says:

    I, too, agree that a lot of this is necessary.

    It sucks, but it’s necessary.

    If we don’t streamline, we’ll all be out on our butts.

  60. Anonymous Says:

    Westchester did lose some higher ups today but the ones that really need to go still remain. The ex-USAT lifeboat stays afloat.

  61. Anonymous Says:

    ZERO gone from the TENNESSEAN (Nashville).

  62. Anonymous Says:

    Bridgewater CD in or out?

  63. Anonymous Says:

    The Corporate staff has had numerous layoffs. We just don’t rush to post it on this site. This is a very sad day for Gannett…

  64. Anonymous Says:

    Westchester should have been sold in addition to all this pain. But its a market rich in properties for sale. Dickey had little choice but to make this move.

    For those now gone, I’d not wait long to go back to college and get new skills for a new industry.

  65. Anonymous Says:

    7:29, someone from Corporate ought to let the folks in the trenches know that’s the case, because perhaps, maybe, just a little bit, it might ease the anger of some of these folks.

    Then again, it might take having Dubow and Co. give back some of the lavish perks that have been bestowed on them.

    Honestly, they’d best skip their bonuses this year if they have any hope of ever regaining any shred of respect or confidence of the employees ever again.

  66. Anonymous Says:

    Does anyone else find it extremely curious (and telling) that the East Region is dominated by Wilmington folks?

  67. Anonymous Says:

    7:29, Exactly which departments in Corporate suffered layoffs? Haven’t heard about any chiefs exiting.

  68. Anonymous Says:

    6:34, it’s not that we don’t need hr, it’s that we need hr people who know the law and obey it, and who know their jobs and do them.

  69. Anonymous Says:

    Wilmington has always been a mecca of sorts. The true Gannett monopoly market. Riddle must have influence with the top. But then they don’t drink that Jersey water either. And Collins baby had raped lots of talent over 40 years of pillage and plunder.

  70. Anonymous Says:

    7:20 most definately out!

  71. Anonymous Says:

    7:29 Other the possibly the pilots of the private jets name one corporate lay off. Last I heard the newspaper division added 2 or 3 senior VP’s.

  72. Anonymous Says:

    8:08 and we have seen the fruits of that thinking by having every corporate initiative crash and burn because there is no leadership left to implement it. By limiting the OC to “two or three” you are alienating “8 or 9” that you need to keep the ship afloat. Peppy marketing types with no real world experience will only take you so far.

  73. Anonymous Says:

    7:29, There are too many fat cat GCI execs in McLean sitting back waiting to hit 62 to leave that should’ve been shown the door. They’re all still there. You know who I’m talking about. Check out their ages in the GCI annual report.

  74. Anonymous Says:


  75. Anonymous Says:

    Did you notice that there were no cuts in Advertising or the Information Centers?

  76. Anonymous Says:

    The reasoning was covered in the memo.

    From Dickeys memo

    “While our local market position remains strong, it is critical to our future as the preeminent local news and advertising source that we adjust and align our resources for continued success.”

  77. Anonymous Says:

    Wilmington lost the IT VP &
    Marketing VP was never replaced from LY

  78. Anonymous Says:

    …and the advertising revenue continues to slide at the two smerged papers in NJ. How much more decline will we see before another director is shown to her broom?

  79. Anonymous Says:

    Anonymous said…
    Does anyone else find it extremely curious (and telling) that the East Region is dominated by Wilmington folks?

    I do. Why do you think that is? All Wilmington, except Wayne Perigallo from the Asbury Park Press.

    I’ve never been in tune with what anyone at that level does, so I’m not much help answering our question.

  80. Anonymous Says:

    When I give building tours, I now introduce the sales staff as those ‘who formerly sold advertising’

    They get peeved, but if you’re not pounding the payment, you’re not exactly helping my job security either.

  81. Anonymous Says:

    It does look like Richmond dumped their entire OC except for Executive Editor and Advertising Director. They lost a lot of good people.

  82. Anonymous Says:

    The NY paper I used to work at has had layoffs right along. But in true Gannett form, the EE is currently attending the week-long APME conference in Vegas! Talk about a slap in the face to the people who were just laid off. Good luck to everyone who has been laid off and who are still trying to hold onto their jobs.

  83. Anonymous Says:

    “When I give building tours, I now introduce the sales staff as those ‘who formerly sold advertising’

    They get peeved, but if you’re not pounding the payment, you’re not exactly helping my job security either.”

    lol @ that one – at Cherry Hill they took a lot of the sales staff and made them inside reps who are supposed to work the phones. I walk through there all day long and I see a lot of your prized 40+ employees surfing the web and talking about ordering lunch. I wish we lost them than the marketing and circ dirs. who left today. They were truly good local guys who cared about our paper a lot.

  84. Anonymous Says:

    Remember that a much of corporate isn’t directly related to the newspaper division, so what goes on there isn’t readily apparent to many of you.

    Corp IT/USAT IT removed several positions and laid a few off as part of the helpdesk reorganization and some other movement of staff around.

    A number of positions at corporate were eliminated in various departments such as finance, HR, etc…. Many of these departments typically have high turnover, so in most cases, the positions were just eliminated via attrition.

    While I know that many, if not most, of you seem to think everyone at corporate is somehow massively overpaid and evil, the vast majority of us were very hard workers.

    Disclaimer – I’m a former corporate employee who was never an executive or a manager.

  85. Anonymous Says:

    Editor in Sioux Falls is leaving. I know him, and he’s a good editor – it will be aloss. he is going to work for an ethanol company in Sioux falls

  86. Anonymous Says:

    No one out at Des Moines, according to Laura Hollingsworth’s cover letter. All VPs are now West Group VPs except IT (VP is retiring in a few months) and Production (no idea what that’s about.)

    Do group VPs get a salary bump? If so, is it substantial or a token?

  87. Anonymous Says:

    CD in Reno is gone.

  88. Anonymous Says:

    9:45 Eliminating positions via attrition is not the same as telling someone there face to hit the road. It is not a lay off. We don’t have that option here in the real world. So answer the question, when has someone at corporate been laid off? Corporate people are not evil or lazy they are just out of touch with reality.

  89. Anonymous Says:

    I’m betting that the Sr Group Presidents who left several months ago were told of the plans in the works…thus their very early and surprising exodus. It all makes sense now…this will sure do one thing, make it even more obvious that the publishers that they have selected the last few years will show just how little they really know. Give it about 6 months and severe cracks that may never be fixed will begin to show. Don’t blame Dickey…this is the doings of SCJ and GLW.

  90. Anonymous Says:

    10:32 Dickey is doing the work of Gracia. He is just a puppet. I do blame him because a person in his position should have some backbone.

  91. Anonymous Says:

    How hard would it be to lay off all the slackers and keep all the stars? why are slackers still around? Seems like in down-sizing, they should go first. you need to protect the talent pool.

  92. Anonymous Says:

    does anyone know what happened in sioux falls?

    that’s where the real wicked witch of the west lives. maybe no longer. . .

  93. Anonymous Says:

    What about Jim Lenahan on the corporate level? Why in the world does the company need this guy who knows nothing??? Talk about a waste of money!

    And too bad Palm Springs didn’t get rid of our HR director. He’s a waste of money!

  94. Anonymous Says:

    From the Palladium-Item website

    As part of a Gannett Co. Inc. management realignment, five positions at the Palladium-Item have been eliminated, President and Publisher Bob Robbins said Tuesday.
    The job losses at the Palladium-Item were among about 100 announced across Gannett.
    The restructuring is intended to streamline Gannett’s management ranks and better align its corporate resources with its 85 newspapers across the United States, company officials said, as it contends with a weakening economy.
    Last month, Gannett announced the elimination of 1,000 jobs across the company, including four at the Palladium-Item.
    Gannett is a leading international news and information company that also publishes USA TODAY, the nation’s largest-selling daily newspaper. Gannett also operates 23 television stations in the United States and is an Internet leader with sites sponsored by its TV stations and newspapers including, one of the most popular news sites on the Web.

    Positions cut:
    IT Manager
    Online Manager

  95. Anonymous Says:

    Advertising Revenue loss at the NJ properties (Bridgewater and East Brunswick) could be related to the fact that the managers are using a bullying attack – Pips and verbal warnings instead of addressing real issues. Why are the sales people in the office all day long??? Why are under performing sales reps being kept? It’s because sales think they are untouchable. Clear out the dead weight. And that dead weight includes incompetent managers.

  96. Anonymous Says:

    So do you suppose the Director, who liked to antagonize any of their employees who whined, got the boot??

  97. Anonymous Says:

    CD in Bridgewater is gone! Couldn’t have happened to a better person. She deserves everything she got. She was a good for nothing egotistical psycho…oops I meant to say Psychology major! lol. Her Vulcan mind tricks won’t haunt us anymore. Talk about getting rid of dead weight!! 9/9/08 a day to remember.

  98. Anonymous Says:

    The Chocolate Tea Pot has melted!!!! Honk your horn now, and please take it with you. Too Cool.

  99. Anonymous Says:

    Fort Collins lost three more:

    HR Director
    Advertising Director
    Production Director

  100. Anonymous Says:

    Ding dong the dead wood is gone (both directors in Bridgewater)

  101. Anonymous Says:

    Does anyone have an update from Pensacola?

  102. Anonymous Says:

    The editor leaving Sioux Falls is a city editor not related to any of the layoffs.

  103. Anonymous Says:

    Hey the Ad Director still hails you from Bridgewater:)

  104. Anonymous Says:

    The CD in Reno is a decent guy and didn’t deserve this. I can think of other OC members who should’ve got the boot first — namely a do-nothing who hides in his office all day, and the VP for diet tips. Although he is good for a dirty joke now and again. Love them donuts.

  105. Anonymous Says:

    Good ruck with Delores Pinto to represent the East employees. She’ll be laughing and joking behind your back to protect the Halls of Gannett. Mindless nimcompoop. This is the best?

  106. Anonymous Says:

    I love it! The same witch that treated me like I was “fired” 3 weeks ago was one of the VP’s in HR that got the ax yesterday! The letter I got stated how it was a hard decision and that I/we was/were a valuable employee and it was a hard decision…blah blah blah, yet I was given 30 min to pack my desk and was hovered over while I packed. This HR lady seemed to get way too much enjoyment telling me my position was eliminated and enjoyed hovering over me while she watched the clock as I packed.

    Ha, Gannett got her to do their dirty work only to do the same to her 3 weeks later! Karma baby, Karma!

  107. Anonymous Says:


    Which position in Reno is the do-nothing spot?
    I can think of another position that would have been a great enhancement to local morale, had it been eliminated. One that has an ever growing problem with control. This person even goes so far as to dis-allow upward communication to corporate. It has to pass through him/her first. I’ve never seen anything like it.
    This problem continues to worsen. Everyone sees it. No one speaks of it. For one reason alone. Fear.

    And yes Krispy Kreme was so embarrassed they left town!

  108. Anonymous Says:

    With ya there, 12:35!

  109. Anonymous Says:

    Speaking of the NJ group, let’s clear out a few more directors in say…Production/Ad Services, HR, and get rid of some “managers” in advertising. Start in Bridgewater.

  110. Anonymous Says:

    The person who liked to antagonize people was probably not only kept, but promoted. I say this because it seems Gannett just doesn’t get it that it will take a total transformation, and that includes management thinking, to bring what’s left back to life in a new way. Gimmicks are great, but human resources are key to success.

  111. Anonymous Says:

    Heard through the grapevine that up in Tallahassee, they lost the marketing director and HR director, who together had something like 50+ years there.

  112. Anonymous Says:

    What happened in Lafayette IN and Tallahassee? Who got the axe?

  113. Anonymous Says:

    Who are the controllers that are left?

  114. Anonymous Says:

    At the 10 paper group in ohio it means 2 less production managers, 3 less CD’s, 1 less HR manager. 1 ohter CD is now a south group mkting director

  115. Anonymous Says:

    Interesting shake up in OH…they bring in the ad director from AZ to run the show…even though she was a publisher once and for some reason didn’t cut it…the group publisher/CD in Lancaster runs the circ operations and yet he is the most disorganized person in the world…he put his HD mgr back in charge of circ even though she was turned down twice for the position…at least the guy they brought in last year from reno was a fair open minded guy.

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