Across Gannettland, September is a rough month

Today’s announced layoffs of 100 IT directors, marketing chiefs and other senior newspaper executives came just two days shy of the first anniversary of CEO Craig Dubow‘s ominous “this is the hard part” memo — sent Sept. 11, 2007.


5 Responses to “Across Gannettland, September is a rough month”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Tell poor poor Craig it is harder then others then it is on him. While he is lobotomizing the field operation the corporate are as fat as ever. Gracia needs 5 (that’s all I can think of there may be more) VP level finance executives on the corporate staff. With her it makes 6. Now Gracia, the paragon of financial efficiency that you are, how can you justify the need to have 6 VP level financial executives at a time you are bleeding the portions of the operation that bring in the money that you need 6 VP level executives to count? To add insult to injury the newspaper division just hired a financial VP to supervise another financial VP. They even have another at USA Today and another in the Broadcast division. Now you tell me who would bring in more money and position us better for the future, one of these bean counters or a Circ VP or a marketing executive at one of the newspapers? Who audits the auditors? Don’t they understand the importance of leading by example? What hypocrites. Maybe it is a blessing they let me go.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Why, oh why, is Craig Dubow still in office? If the Big G were any other company, the board would have called for his head months ago. Now is the time… EVERYONE, stand up and chant it with me: GET RID OF DUBOW!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Everyone is chanting “Get rid of Dubow” but no one listens. Maybe when the turn off the lights and lock the place for good he’ll…but then again, idiots like him always seem to survive somehow. Gannett is done Sell your stock now if you’ve been stupid enough to keep any.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    The problem is that chant doesn’t flow like it should. How about:


  5. Anonymous Says:


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