Reader: Blog’s commenters are ‘miserable cranks’

Regarding an Indianapolis Star video, a reader says: “I love this blog — started by someone who is so obsessed about a company he left years ago. Jim, go live your life. Forget about the past. Your time here is done. Get over it. You have nothing new or noteworthy to say, and you are only attracting the comments of a bunch of frustrated, miserable cranks who love nothing more than to crap all over anyone who takes a risk to make something, ANYTHING, out of this scrap heap of the business.”

Join the debate, in the original post.

14 Responses to “Reader: Blog’s commenters are ‘miserable cranks’”

  1. Jim Hopkins Says:

    I highlight comments like this because it’s refreshing to get a different point of view. I’d like to get more. So, don’t be shy!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I am sure there are many who would like you to shut down, and for many reasons. I am content to read cranks and all as long as you are willing to spend all this time on this blog.

  3. Jim Hopkins Says:

    Also, as to this letter writer, I just left the following comment on the original post:

    I kind of like the video. I know it’s not meant to be news — and that’s OK. One of the great things about newspapers, websites and blogs (!) is that they can have so much variety. And although the camerawork is a little rough, I think the reporter struck just the right tone. (I do wonder, however, about the libel issues around labeling people, drunk.)

    Finally, I posted the video at the suggestion of a reader, who provided the link. Otherwise, I probably would never have run across it.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks for stopping by, Craig!

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Keep the blog going! We are all adult enough to pick out the whiners from the sincere colleagues with legitimate concerns about the company.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    If you wondered about libel issues with that Indy “drunk” video, why did you post it on your blog?

  7. Anonymous Says:

    “Anyone who takes a risk to make something, ANYTHING” Are you kidding me, taking a risk of posting videos that are not news and have been done a millions time. Examples are; GCI drunk people video – TMZ, GCI cooking videos – Martha Stewart, GCI Movie Review videos – Entertainment Tonight, GCI User submitted videos – YouTube. Wow, what a risk. How about this for a risk, try getting video of hard local news! Get out of the half ass video studio set up that has been put together by the worse shooter on the staff and get feet on the street to shoot news video.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    If you are new to posting on blogs, I suggest you read wikipedia “blogs”. you will see examples of people fired from companies and sued for libel for things they said “anonymously” on a blog. The most famous is the guy fired from Google for blogging company information. Yes, the free and open Google!

  9. Anonymous Says:

    10:33: Stop trying to frighten employees off this blog. Finish your tall glass of GCI Kool-Aid and get some sleep, you have another long day tomorrow of lying to the people under you.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Gannet realizes they can’t stop Jim and this blog, so with the help of ANON 10:33 they will try to put the scare into all the employees on this blog. Nice try.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Don’t attack anyone and stick to facts and constitutionally protected opinions. The truth wills set you free.. and avoid retribution.

  12. Anonymous Says:


    Dude, pretend this is a television station. If you don’t like it, flip the channel.

    There’s your problem solved.

    I just think of this relationship, between this blog and GCI, as akin to the relationship between the Detroit Free Press and the city of Detroit. The Freep is fair to Detroit, it just seems like they’re always bashing the city because the city screws up so frequently.

    Yes, I’ll agree that Jim is obsessed with GCI. But people are obsessed with football (especially in his new home) too, it doesn’t make them bad people. I like pie. To each their own.

    I’d note that Jim has praised Gannett journalists who deserve it – those involved with hurricane coverage being a recent example.

    But refusing to call out a company when they cut sales staff when ad revenue drops (exactly the opposite of what most would do), abandon a profitable print model in favor of online with no ideas of how to turn a profit there (my mother called it “Why by the cow when you can have the milk for free?”), fire reporters at a far higher rate than management and trot out a never-ending laundry list of failed strategies while almost never replacing those behind them?

    That’s just being one of the sheeple.

  13. Jim Hopkins Says:

    9:43 pm asks: “If you wondered about libel issues with that Indy “drunk” video, why did you post it on your blog?”

    I posted on the video for several reasons:I thought it was entertaining. And I thought it might spur a lively discussion.

  14. Anonymous Says:

    yes there certainly has been a lot of bitching. however, there has also been plenty of praise and support given to our fellow employees, including what to do if YIKES! you’ve been let go.

    additionally, there has also been a free exchange of information that could be useful to any level of employee in and department regarding any number of subjects ranging from news, video, online, selling ads, ad2pro, etc.

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