Laid off? Join our new ‘memorial to the departed’ We’re listing job titles, years worked — and ages!

Several readers have asked that I create a place where the 600 laid-off newspaper workers can list information about themselves. “A memorial to the departed, and perhaps a way to get a sense of what positions were the most targeted,” one reader proposed. “As one of the dearly departed, I’d love to know how many other managing editors, etc., got the ax.”

With that in mind, I’m now asking people who were laid off to post a note — in the comments section, below. Please only participate if you’re the individual who was laid off. Also, for privacy reasons, do not include names. Details we’d like:

  • City/state of your newspaper
  • Your position
  • Your years worked for Gannett
  • Your age

[Image: yesterday’s Tennessean, Newseum. The Nashville paper laid off 10 of 1,182 employees last week. Paper-by-paper list]


14 Responses to “Laid off? Join our new ‘memorial to the departed’ We’re listing job titles, years worked — and ages!”

  1. Jim Hopkins Says:

    A reminder: Please, no names. Also, the format for listing your information is:

    City/state of your newspaper:
    Your position:
    Your years worked for Gannett:
    Your age:

  2. Sarah Says:

    Brevard County, Fl.
    investigative reporter

  3. Mike Says:

    Jackson, Mississippi
    Promotion Manager

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Westchester County, New York
    Telecommunication Specialist

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Bridgewater, NJ Courier News
    16 years

    Please consider the fact that a buyout is nothing more that a high pressure layoff!

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Burlington Vermont
    Web Developer/Database Specialist
    11 years with the paper
    50 come this October

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Nashville, Tennessee
    Computer Operator
    22 years
    62 years old

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Neptune,New Jersey
    14 years
    38 years old

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Alexandria, Louisiana
    Pressroom/Mailroom Manager
    14 years
    61 years old

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Jackson, Mississippi
    Magazine Page Designer

  11. Jim Hopkins Says:

    A reader asked me to post the following:

    Brevard County, Florida
    Macintosh technician
    4.75 years

  12. Jenn Says:

    The Arizona Republic
    Phoenix, AZ

    Transportation Supervisor

    22.5 yrs


  13. Anonymous Says:

    The Star Press
    Muncie, In

    • IT Tech
    42 years

    • Newspaper planner
    30 years

  14. cJp Says:

    Neptune, NJ
    ADS Tech
    2 1/2

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