How to find me, on you-know-where

I’m trying to use that social network more often, now that I see it has a chat feature. Find me there by searching for Gannett Blog. Facebook brought me my first readers: An employee discovered the blog, then posted a note on Facebook’s Gannett employees group.

Updated on Aug. 24. A reader notes a caution for current employees: “If we friend you, Corporate will find out. There are lots of Corporate people on Facebook.”

7 Responses to “How to find me, on you-know-where”

  1. rmichem Says:

    Facebook sucks. Once your in factbook, even if you leave, your in their forever.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I just found this blog a couple days ago when searcing for information on Gannett on the great www. I was in shock to see so many other current and former employees with the same opinion of the company as myself. When applying for a job posting some (**) years ago I researched a bit, and Gannett does a good job of marketing themselves to potential applicants as a great company to work for with merit based internal promotions and state of the art training.

    Onced hired, it was evident that they play the bait and switch game. Promises are made, never in writing, and then broken when siting “policy”.

    If the economy were better, and decent paying jobs weren’t non-existant, I’d be long gone. I, like most here, have a family to support and quitting isn’t an option. Guess I can only hope to be part of the next round of layoffs.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Facebook has my name all over it, I would be afraid to join a Gannett Blog group.

  4. Covert Clown Says:

    But if we friend you, corporate will find out. There are lots of corporate people on Facebook.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    facebook = stalker central.

    ever want to know everything your best friends (or complete strangers) are doing at all times? then join facebook and never wonder again!

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Love to join your Facebook group, Jim, but still a bit paranoid. Do you use the Flair application? Do a search for Gannett and you’ll find some funny buttons.

  7. Jim Hopkins Says:

    Thanks for the tip, 12:46 pm; I’ll take a look.

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