How a Corporate big shot referred to this blog

“He called it, ‘Hopkins Blog.'”

— a Gannett Blog reader’s back-story on the top exec: “He could not bring himself to call your blog by its name.”


6 Responses to “How a Corporate big shot referred to this blog”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Maybe we should all wear green, as a sign of the fact that we know we are all nothing more than dollar values waiting to be “reduced.”

    And, in a sign of the idiocy to come, at APP they are going to have the poor business editor, who barely has a staff to begin with, help the dipshit metro editor manage the staff of one of the assistant metro editors who was let go yesterday. Because clearly the empty-suit metro editor is incapable of doing anything himself without a certain number of assistants to dump work on. Nice, huh?

  2. Anonymous Says:

    anon 7:29 – Who peed in your wheaties this morning?

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Typical Gannett rationale. Instead of recognizing that Gannett Blog well reflects what employees have been saying for years, and that this blog is now highly fueled by those comments, they’d rather isolate the problem down to one thing, Jim Hopkins.

    Hopkins may have created the forum, but identifying it by Jim’s name and hoping that it will go away will not eliminate Gannett’s real problems. And, if silent readers of this blog are fed up with this type of rationale too, then consider honoring hundreds of Gannett’s departing employees (including the thousands who will be left) by using the forum that this blog allows to speak up now about what’s really wrong with this company – its pitiful leadership and its lack of character, else you’ll likely get more of the same.

    Investors are listening and maybe with more voices and proof of what’s wrong, Gannett’s top brass will finally start to listen too.

    Former metro OC member.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    “Investors are listening and maybe with more voices and proof of what’s wrong, Gannett’s top brass will finally start to listen too.”

    Amen to that! Production employees have suffered for years Gannett’s style of heavy-handed management. Now, finally they’re getting tough with a better educated, more eloquent type of employee in white-collar Gannett and are getting the flak they deserve in Jim’s Blog. I say it’s more akin to Ida Tarbell taking on Standard Oil at the turn of the last century… Gannett has no answer for it, which is what Gannett execs deserve!

  5. Anonymous Says:

    A smart company would look at this blog as an incredible opportunity. This blog is an opportunity to hear what it’s employees really think and feel. Weed out idiots (like 7:29am’s) comments and you can hear some real truths being shared here. If our industry (and Gannett) is going to reinvent itself for the future and survive, we should embrace ALL opportunities to share an honest and sincere dialogue about what’s wrong with us in order to begin fixing it.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    It’s too bad the company is getting rid of the 2:04 p.m. people, and is leaving the 7:29 a.m. people in management positions.

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