Reader: Two layoffs Monday at WLBZ-TV in Maine

One employee at the Bangor station was in sales; the other in news, when they were let do yesterday, the reader says.

My question: Is Gannett’s 23-station broadcasting division laying off employees as well? Please post your replies in the comments section, below. To e-mail confidentially, write gannettblog[at]gmail[dot-com]; see Tipsters Anonymous Policy in the green sidebar, upper right.


9 Responses to “Reader: Two layoffs Monday at WLBZ-TV in Maine”

  1. Anonymous Says:


    There are currently 15 vacancies at our station. Those being people who have departed over the past 2 years and not replaced (news/engineering).

    There are 6 official positions that have at one time been advertised but are not being filled.

    Overtime has been severely curtailed. No Olympics/convention coverage here.

    Unlike newspapers, the television stations have 2 or 3 direct competitors airing for all intents and purposes, a nearly identical product.

    Two of our competitors have twice the on-street manpower. (reporters and photographers).

    Market share is quickly eroding.

    Would like to know how many of the Gannett Blog readers are from the Broadcast Division. Finally; I understand corporate lawyers are trying to jam contract concessions down the throats of workers in several markets. (?)

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I work at KPNX in Phoenix and the general manager sent out a long email last Friday telling employees to expect more layoffs. Just like the newspaper division these bumbling idiots in managment get everbody worked up over the weekend.

    Memo to Gannett management: if you’re going to layoff people just do it. Don’t talk about it. Nobody likes being in limbo.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    No official word/e-mail at KXTV – Sacramento. It’s just a waiting game for everyone!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Just to clarify, the letter sent to KPNX employees said layoffs may come, but it did not say layoffs were imminent. Management here seems to have done everything in their power to limit layoffs.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    As an ex-Gannettoid, I discovered this blog a few weeks ago. I just wanted to weigh in to say I really share the pain of all those hard-working staffers who don’t know what’s happening to themselves (or their futures) from day to day. As a former station executive at two of Gannett’s largest properties, I did my share of hiring (and firing) but NEVER under such extreme and troubling circumstances. Certainly, I’m glad I’m out–and, if it’s any consolation–those of you who ultimately leave the company will be thankful, as well–at least eventually.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    On Monday, 8/18/08 Gannett's WCSH & WLBZ in Maine laid off 7 employees out of the blue and announced they were not filling several positions due to dramatic revenue loss. One of the positions left open is the News Director position in Portland, Maine.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Yes Gannett is laying off significant employees in broadcasting. A lot of its related to centralizing business office operations. A lot of its just related to technological advances and revenue loss. I am hoping to find another, more secure, job soon. This is a sinking ship and Gannett isnt quick with innovation.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Gannett Broadcasting is “restructuring” it’s broadcast operations. I know this for a fact…I was re-organized right out of a job at the Knoxville, Tennessee station.
    Master Control at all the TV stations is being centralized in either Jacksonville, FL (NBC and ABC) or Greensboro, NC (CBS). Graphics is being centralized in Denrver…and graphic artists have been laid off at all the stations….with the 10 largest stations retaining one artist. All the news graphics will done by the news producers and reporters via an automated graphics system (can anyone say lots of typos?)

    At my former station, at least 13 people (out of 130) have been laid off…including my boss. He was in charge of Programming, New Media and commercial production. All of us in commercial production were laid off….2 were turned into “back pack” client services producers and moved into sales. They are being managed by a GSM who doesn’t think quality is important. (“Everyone just watches it on youtube or their quality isn’t important.” She actually said that to me! Gee, they why is everyone buying those HD, plasma screen monitors? Don’t you think they want to see pretty pictures?)

    The web master and sales web producer were moved into engineering, and programming was moved into the GM’s office.
    They have apparently eliminated the receptionist’s position, and the community relations producer has been cut as well. That position is now a “New Media/Community Relations” coordinator who is responsible for producing all the station’s community service AND niche websites for sales.

    I’ve heard rumors that the video operators have been eliminated (gee, who’s going to tune in live shots and dub in programming and commercials) and that traffic is going to be centralized in Denver. (Never mind that operations is in the Eastern Time Zone.) Plus, they have eliminated a 4 pm “Chick News” show, moved the 5pm show to 4pm, and adding in an extra hour of news from 5-6pm

    Plus, the new female morning news anchor is leaving after 6 months, onr 4pm anchor has been moved back to morning, and other 4pm anchor has “retired.” Plus, a reporter and photographer have turned in their notices…and they don’t have jobs yet. They just want out. And, it looks like whenever anyone leave the news room, they will be replaced with a “backpack” journalist. No more two person crews.

    So, my friend, newspapers aren’t the only ones feeling the pain. The TV guys are taking it on the chin as well.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Are the rumors about traffic centeralizing pretty firm? You even have a potential site.

    I am part of a TV station accounting person who will probably get centralized.


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