The sun is setting on our Ibiza holiday

[Terrace view: Looking southwest, toward Figueretas]

Part of an occasional series about Ibiza and the surrounding region.

Returning from Barcelona, we suddenly began feeling the approach of summer’s end here on the Spanish island of Ibiza: The days are getting shorter, some nights a bit cooler. It’s hard to believe, but Sparky returns to San Francisco in just two weeks. I’m staying through the end of September, yet even that seems just around the corner.


4 Responses to “The sun is setting on our Ibiza holiday”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    You make me long to visit Ibiza.

  2. Nick Clayton Says:

    It was chilly last night and today. But from past experience I think this is a bit of an aberration. You’ll have a few more hot ones before you leave!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    You’re making me seriously consider honeymooning in Ibiza!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Even better still, other than Gannett Blog there's nothing related to Gannett there. Here's hoping Tara, Craig or Gracia don't vacation there while Jims decompressing. Now that would be an interesting meeting.
    Jim: OMG Tara what are you doing here?

    Jim: OMG Craig and Gracia here? Is there a compensation committee meeting here to increase your bonus or are you vacationing?

    C&T: We are in hell!

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