Olympics ’08: Blog raps ‘self-indulgent’ Albom

Note: This debuts Olympics news analyst Ed Hutcheson, a pen name for one of Gannett Blog‘s more long-time readers. Ed, an employee at a certain GCI paper (I’m not tellin’), has agreed to file occasional dispatches about Summer Games coverage. Over to you, Ed!

The Big Lead sports blog calls out Detroit Free Press columnist Mitch Albom (left) for writing self-indulgent columns from Beijing. In an item called “Mitch Albom’s Awful Olympic Columns,” the blog says:

“It isn’t about the athletes. Or the storylines. It’s about Mitch. All Mitch, all the time:

  • Aug. 8 — Read about why Mitch decided to go to Beijing.
  • Aug. 9 — Man, it’s tough to get a cab here! Want to hear about my hotel?
  • Aug. 9 — Mitch Albom goes shopping! Fashion and DVDs! Cheap!
  • Aug. 10 — Let’s mock the way a Chinese host speaks, and then tell readers about how crummy it is to get caught in a monsoon on the way to a basketball game.

“What a sad, sad decline,” the Big Lead says, “for a guy who, 15 years ago, was one of the best sports columnists in the country.”

However, a commenter adds: “To be fair, the Freep has sent two columnists over. (Michael) Rosenberg seems to be doing the heavy lifting on event and athlete drive columns. Albom would seem to be tasked with the ‘American in China’ and more human interest type pieces.”

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And now, about my volunteers . . .
Sports analyst Ed is part of a growing cast of reader-volunteers who make this blog better. One reader (hi, Susan!) polices my responses to critics. Another (Tom!) feeds me the Daily News Summary. A guy in the Midwest tosses company documents over the transom. We wouldn’t know squat (hah!) about Poopgate, without my pal in New Jersey. And you-know-who-you-are-in-Texas inspires me with her grace.

And that’s just a sampling, Tara Connell. As always, gentle readers, please remember: There are 46,000 GCI employees — but just one of yours truly. I need all the help I can get.

Wanna be a volunteer copy editor? Know about Gannett’s photography and design? Contact me confidentially from a non-work computer via gannettblog[at]gmail[dot-com]. See Tipsters Anonymous Policy in the green sidebar, upper right.

One Response to “Olympics ’08: Blog raps ‘self-indulgent’ Albom”

  1. rmichem Says:

    Some of the best info, I have received, on Gannett , Jim, came not from their employees, but from people outside of GCI.

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