USAT-Corporate IT merger: How’s that working?

[Death Star satellite view: the Corporate and USAT towers]

In an e-mail today, a very patient reader (thanks!) reminds me that I’ve been remiss in writing about a big merger between the IT help desk staffs at Corporate and USA Today, in the Twin Towers complex (above) at McLean, Va.: “Well, the IT Desktop merger is into its second week — I see still it wasn’t announced on the blog. I guess the stock numbers are more interesting — too bad, ’cause this impacts everyone not only at the ivory towers in McLean but also all the other Gannett properties that call x3288 for support!

“So, to summarize: Gannett Desktop Services (five people) merged with USAT Desktop (x5400). USAT lost two people in the merger (read: canned); a third quit, and two others went over to Gannett into a completely different role. That means, they’ve taken on support for BOTH towers, plus all the Gannett properties that call for level 2 support. USAT already had taken on support for all the field sites, including all the editorial bureaus, advertising offices, and circulation offices. So, now you have pretty much EVERYONE calling this ONE group for computer support, and pretty much anything else related to it. If you look at the headcount, they’ve actually remained even, since they’ve lost five, and took in five.

“But now they are supporting more than just the USAT tower, its properties, and offices outside McLean — but also the Gannett Tower, its properties, and even the ex-CEO, with no addition to head count. How’s that for some consolidation?”

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[Images: Google Earth]

5 Responses to “USAT-Corporate IT merger: How’s that working?”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Seriously, the ex-CEO calls on your for computer support?

  2. Anonymous Says:

    This move makes a lot of sense. There is no reason to duplicate efforts in the towers. They have good, competent people that will take care of everyone.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Little does all realize, this poor group will be taking on ever more once Channel 9 and Army Times comes into the fold. Who do you think is filling the empty spaces?

    The USAT IT 5400 staff has always been great to address our needs. The staff here at corporate should hug the next desktop person they see. I’ve heard what they have to put up with. Give ’em a hug.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Does the consolidated IT staff still have to make house calls to the “ex-ceo”? How many people do they have that support the building? 600+ staff supported by 10 people? Are they fucking serious?

  5. Anonymous Says:

    I used to work in the GCI desktop team at one time. Ex-CEO support calls were included in the support duties of the staff, as were many other things for people not directly employed by the company (wives, sons, daughters, etc.).

    The move may make sense to a spreadsheet somewhere, but not to the user community. I feel for the USAT staff that has to support all of the load that Corporate dumped on them.

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