Blogger: Corporate’s silence on layoffs is telling

Newspaper Death Watch (“Chronicling the decline of newspapers and the rebirth of journalism”) picked up my recent post about Gannett’s stealth layoffs, then posed (see, second item) a provocative question.

“Blogs are a petrie dish for speculation,” says the blog’s author, Paul Gillin, “so when Hopkins asked readers for input, they responded. Gannett folk from Asheville, Detroit, Louisville and elsewhere are jumping in with their local version of layoff rumors. It sounds like something’s coming, and it isn’t good. Absent from the discussion is Gannett, which certainly should be aware of this popular site. If the rumors are false, why isn’t someone from corporate stepping in and correcting them? Perhaps it’s because the rumors are true. Absent Gannett’s voice, people will tend to believe that silence is confirmation.”

(Note: Indeed, Corporate is aware of Gannett Blog.)

Earlier: Gannett’s defenders wave the proverbial white flag

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2 Responses to “Blogger: Corporate’s silence on layoffs is telling”

  1. Richard Jennings Says:

    Despite the stats, there are still 100K and 150K jobs posted on employment sites. Here’s 3 sites from’s newest top 10 employment site list –

    Lots of high paying jobs.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Mm-hm. Time for all those systems analysts and chemical engineers leaving Gannett to get off their butts, huh?

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