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Dept. of Silver Lining: Dubow’s pay could be worse

July 29, 2008

[Birds of a feather: Big paychecks at FannieMae and Gannett]

At least Craig Dubow‘s $7.5 million paycheck last year ranked him below that guy at imploding mortgage giant Fannie Mae. Indeed, GCI’s transformative CEO landed at No. 22 in The Washington Post‘s new survey yesterday of the D.C. area’s highest-paid executives: “Who got what in a slowing economy.” (Post list of top 100 executives.)

Earlier: Dubow got a $1.75 million bonus — and you got a t-shirt.

[Image: screenshot detail of list, Post]

Blogger Arrington: GCI video deal worth $10 million

July 28, 2008

Leading technology news blogger Michael Arrington notes today that video service Mogulus won $10 million in new investor money. “But far more important than the amount of capital raised is the investor,” Arrington says. “Gannett, a $4 billion company which owns USA Today and other news and media properties, funded the round.”

Arrington, who runs influential TechCrunch, likes the deal, and Gannett’s involvement. His headline: “Big media gets serious about LiveStreaming.”

In its press release, Gannett says only that the tie-up was a “minority investment.” Other financial terms weren’t disclosed. Arrington based his $10 million on a source he didn’t identify. His explainer graph: “Mogulus, like competitors Ustream and, allow anyone with a camera, computer and Internet connection to live stream to the Internet, reducing huge overhead costs for remote coverage (you don’t need things like satellite uplinks).”

Dept. of Kremlinology
Gannett Blog reader finds it interesting that CEO Craig Dubow is the executive quoted in the Mogulus release — rather than, say, Chief Digital Officer Chris Saridakis. (Of course, if I knew this deal would land on a high-profile tech blog, I’d quote the big cheese, too!)

Earlier: GCI said investing $8 million in Cozi social network

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Indy’s Zoibi named new Rochester publisher

July 28, 2008

Updated at 3 p.m. ET: It’s now confirmed; here’s the Democrat and Chronicle‘s story.

Earlier: Indianapolis Star General Manager Ali “Advertorial” Zoibi, 51 (left), takes the top job at the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, blogger Ruth Holladay is now reporting.

Indy: Please brief Rochester on the ethically-challenged publisher they’re now getting. Short iPhone post; updates later. Comment, below, please!

Earlier: An Indianapolis blogger, a ‘500’ pace car — and a penis

[Photo: Democrat and Chronicle]

Cutlines Only: Mourning a child’s death in Visalia

July 28, 2008

Reyes DeJesus Lopez and Maricela Rosales mourn the death of their daughter, Leyla Cariña Lopez Rosales, 15 months, at their home in Central California’s Orosi. The toddler was critically injured when Marciela, 19, backed over her daughter in a driveway last Wednesday, the Visalia Times-Delta says today. “It was an accident,” said Rosales, clutching at her only child’s stuffed monkey. Photo by Teresa Douglass, Times-Delta via Newseum.

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Monday Recap: Draft bridezilla as GCI’s next CEO!

July 28, 2008

Posts you might have missed last week, while I channeled my inner George Hamilton:

  • Disunity? We wondered whether Gannett’s profile had shrunk at a big minority journalism conference in Chicago.
  • Motown lowdown: The Detroit Free Press and two sister businesses avoided layoffs, despite a weak response to 150 buyout offers.
  • Bridezilla talks! Hell hath no fury — nor a paycheck — like a jilted human resources chief from Pensacola, Fla.

Checkout line temptations: I succumbed today

July 28, 2008

[Classic snacks: tasted better, back when I was a niño pequeño]

Reader: Don’t tar all of Gannett with same brush

July 27, 2008

Regarding my call for advice to a sports journalist considering work at a Gannett newspaper, a reader says: “As someone who has worked at multiple Gannett sites and at family owned dailies, I would be cautious of tarring all of mother Gannett with the same brush, however tempting it may be. Some indies offer great work environments but lousy pay. Some papers in Gannett border on Quaker churches in the amount of Democracy and consensus-based decision-making they promote in newsrooms. Others are more top down. In my experience, pay at Gannett is better than at other chains. Staffing is leaner, but maybe in these days that’s a good thing (Knight Ridder implosion, etc.). If you want to work at Gannett, talk to the people at the individual paper, just as you would any other employer. Do your homework, and create your own opinion. Of course, that approach won’t build blog viewership, but it will help with your job search.”

Join the debate, in the original post.

Stockholm syndrome: Reader makes ‘the big jump’

July 27, 2008

I’ve written about 1,100 posts since I formally launched Gannett Blog on Jan. 11, 2008 — my first day as a former Gannett employee. Among my best-read: Stockholm syndrome — Why we fear speaking out. I based it on an e-mail exchange with a former Gannett newspaper operating committee member, a director who had feared contacting me, even after GCI could no longer punish her. (Kidnap victim and newspaper heiress Patty Hearst, above, left, is the Stockholm syndrome poster child.)

Now, I’ve heard from another employee leaving Gannett. They saw my comment on this post, a comment where I explain how I financed my mid-life career change. “I too have been scrimping and saving,” the reader replied. “Last December I felt downright rich. Lately, not so much (though my portfolio is GCI-free). But I’m making the big jump soon, one way or another. (A) Because I can, and (B) Journalism is no fun anymore. That’s the heartbreaker. I feel for the young ones joining the biz today. I hope somehow some way they get to experience the thrills and chills of real news gathering.”

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Sports journalist asks: Is Gannett really that bad?

July 27, 2008

Updated at 11:25 a.m. ET: The question appeared late last night on industry website Sports Journalists — and the responses so far make a pretty good read. The poster wrote: “Currently working at a non-Gannett paper, seemingly stable job (but who knows right now?) and somewhat happy with things. There are a few listings at Gannett papers in communities 30-40 miles in either direction that would about double the circulation I’m currently at. Would seem to be a step up on the career ladder without having to uproot my family. So, without getting into any more specifics, would going from a non-Gannett paper to Gannett paper about double the size generally result in more money? If so, is it worth it? Or is Gannett really just that bad?”

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A related introduction . . .
Blogger Paul Oberjuerge, sports editor from 1980 to 2003 at the former Gannett San Bernardino Sun. GCI sold majority control of the southern California paper to MediaNews Group in 1999.

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Umbrellas and sails, on the Mediterranean Sea

July 27, 2008

Part of an occasional series about Ibiza. Tiny white boat sails are barely visible on the horizon, in this scene yesterday at the Es Cavallet beach famous for its gay-friendly Chiringay cafe.