Heading to the beach, so blogging must wait

Sparky wants a head start on what’s shaping up to be a keen beach day. See you later!

[Photo: a view of the Mediterranean from my chair at Es Cavallet beach]

5 Responses to “Heading to the beach, so blogging must wait”

  1. tim Says:

    make sure you try the jamon iberico (premium ham) in Spain. Great stuff. Get them to slice some for you thin at a grocery store and you can have it with bread for lunch (good tip from Rick Steves), it’s exorbitant in restaurants

  2. Jim Hopkins Says:

    It’s expensive everywhere, but there’s a great meat market here — Frankfurt — that sells it almost see-through thin. It’s great!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I am sure it is a meat-market there for you and Sparlette.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Jim, you’re much too generous with these creepazoid homophobes. It’s your blog, and the topic is working for GCI. I say spike their stupid, off-topic comments. I for one won’t miss ’em.

  5. Jim Hopkins Says:

    Thanks, @9:57. I’m sorry if they bother you — although I certainly understand. I’ve considered deleting them, but creepazoid homophobes ought to be exposed. They certainly do little for the pro-Gannett management cause, that’s for sure.

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