Layoffs cont’d.: Fort Myers paper slashes 36 jobs

Either the jobs cuts are accelerating, or my readers are getting better at sending me tips. This just in from Florida’s Gulf Coast:

Comparing the local economy to the 1929 stock crash, Publisher Carol Hudler said today that The News-Press would shrink to staffing levels last seen in 1995-2000. “Sadly,” she said in a memo, “we’re losing some good people with this workforce reduction. It is very painful, but it’s necessary.”

Hudler’s memo suggests the job cuts will be outright layoffs — rather than buyouts. If true, the News-Press would be at least the second GCI paper this week to take that more draconian route. That’s more evidence that Gannett Chief Financial Officer Gracia “The Knife” Martore has been redlining budgets.

Corporate says the News-Press has 650 employees. Hudler said the paper would “share resources” with other Florida papers, and “embrace new processes and technologies to help us accomplish more in our workday.”

Earlier: Phoenix in second buyout round; Honolulu cuts 54. Plus: Brevard editor Eberle moving to Fort Myers

[Image: today’s News-Press, Newseum]


6 Responses to “Layoffs cont’d.: Fort Myers paper slashes 36 jobs”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    FLORIDA TODAY- you’re next.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Hudler is no MILF. Maybe back in the day.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    How much would you like to bet that Gracia doesn’t take a pay cut over 2007? Nor the 7 Million Dollar Man? Talking about growing a pair: How about some management that puts its own money where its mouth is, rather than yours, mine and everyone else who WORKS for a living?

  4. Anonymous Says:

    For starters, let’s stop the cheap shot comments about the publisher. They’re unnecessary and weaken your argument. Having said that, it’s easy to blame the lcoal economy, but the reality is that News-press has been producing crap (Grandeur, Tropicalia) created in an effort to garner Gannett and industry awards instead of catering to the local reader. Southwest Florida has a unique blend of permanent residents who deserve better than what they’ve been getting from the N-P. Hopefully, the paper will contain more news and less front page images of waterfowl aimed at awards. I hope the return of Mr. Eberle means the return of good, strong local journalism to Southwest Florida.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Yep, anon 9:31, less crap, more hard news, THAT'S what readers want. That's why the entire news industry is awash in profits and good times. When the hard news readers here die off (as they are doing in droves) who's gonna read YOUR N-P? (sounds of crickets chirping)> Let's go back to the day of a hard-hitting, all grey, newsy paper. Seems to me "your" style of news was looked askance at by the previous generation of journos, but that didn't seem to stop it either. Roll wit the times, 9:31, or get rolled over. Newspaper troubles are more than one company, one person,or the next new thing. It's generational (like horse-and-buggy vs. car, how many buggies you seen lately?) We likely won't survive in the present incarnation, so ya better get with it and prep your skills for whatever may be next, or get your ass into a PR job, teaching gig or something else — why it still exists. Bitching that Gannett did this, or McClatchy did that, or why did this CEO not do that then and why, is pointless. Might make you feel good to vent, fine by me, but it ain't gonna change fate. As Stevie said, roll with it baby. There really isn't any other choice open to you. I'd like to put some of the complainers all in charge, and watch the denigrations come in. Journo's are an unhappy bunch by trade, we're never satisfied with anything.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    It’s about time the company started “slashing” jobs. Revenue is way, way down, as is the stock price. The only way to make this work is to cut jobs, get expenses down, reinvest in new products and bid syonara to the good old days.

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