GCI’s market value has now dipped to $3.8 billion

That’s down from nearly $9 billion just eight months ago. This latest dive in Gannett’s market capitalization follows yesterday’s worse-than-expected quarterly earnings report. Plus: Why you should care.


4 Responses to “GCI’s market value has now dipped to $3.8 billion”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Couldn’t post a comment on the “Juice” photos (reference the above) so I’ll do so here.

    Why on earth would they post the outtakes from the shoot. Regardless of your thoughts on the subject; clearly several shots of the same pose are well lit…others no so. Why post what clearly are outtakes? Just the best image from each pose.

    Showing video outtakes or photos image outtakes does nothing to improve our reputation(s).

    Perhaps next we post reporters notes from an interview.

    The enduring strength of professional edited media is just that. A continual presentation of higher quality through editing.Not a monologue of babble.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    this is along the lines of “dump your card” to create a gallery. we’re whoring ourselves for web hits and destroying our reputation…

  3. Anonymous Says:

    What 10:24 a.m. said. Take some time to look at a bunch of your web site’s photo galleries. If they’re like my paper’s web site, you’ll see that we no longer practice photo “editing.” The photographers pretty much dump their shoots onto the web site. I’ve seen atrocities such as galleries with multiple head shots of the same person.

    As for the Juice photo gallery — it’s salacious — they know people will click through all the shots, even if some of them are crummy.

    The name of the game is page views, baby.

    (And it shouldn’t be — it should be metrics such as unique visitors and time spent on the site. I’ve read that web ad prices are actually coming down — meaning that advertisers are paying less per thousand page hits. That means they’re beginning to catch on to the scam.)

  4. Anonymous Says:

    I supervise photogs and I have been told many times that we should just dump our cards into a gallery – no cutlines necessary, thank you – to get as many photos and as many galleries up as possible. Management doesn’t want quality work, just quantity so people can click on more photos and generate page views.

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