Got an example of good Gannett work? Tell me!

Gannett Blog is a lot like the company’s newspapers and TV stations: Readers often complain that I only publish negative news. “If it’s positive about Gannett, it has no home here,” a reader said last night, in a comment on this post.

This drives me crazy, because it’s simply not true. I have begged and pleaded for examples of all the good work that I know gets done daily at the company’s more than 100 papers and TV stations. In March, for example, when I explained how I choose what to post, I wrote: “There’s just one of me — and 46,100 Gannett employees. If you see great stuff on any of those 108 websites, please let me know. I merely edit Gannett Blog; readers determine content.”

I didn’t get a single response to that request. (And I must note that the reader who said last night there’s “no home” here for positive stuff also failed to offer an example of the positive stuff they had in mind.)

I haven’t given up: If you see something terrific, let us know. I can’t guarantee I’ll always agree, but I’ll definitely take a look. Post your suggestions in the comments section, below. Or, to e-mail confidentially, use this link from a non-work computer; see Tipsters Anonymous Policy in the green sidebar, upper right.

[Image: the March 25 Detroit Free Press, reflecting the paper’s strong public-service journalism about alleged corruption in city government — a story I was delighted to highlight]


3 Responses to “Got an example of good Gannett work? Tell me!”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    This cracks me up. This is no different than what readers say about newspapers all the time. They complain that there is no good news in the paper. Of course there is good news in newspapers. Some readers just choose not to see it. And Jim, there is good stuff on this blog too. Right now the news just isn’t very pleasant for Gannett. You’d think journalists and other media folks would know enough not to kill the messenger.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Welcome to the world of editing a publication. Any editor who has ever taken a call from a mother who swears you’re biased against her son’s school shares your frustration.

    The trouble is, you have huge blinders on. Your bias screams from virtually every post. Criticizing the actions of key corporate officials is one thing, but you demonize them personally. That may win you applause from frustrated underachievers, but it undercuts any valid points you do make.

    This will be my last communication with you. But in order to ease your pouting from your Spanish paradise, here are two reasons why people don’t bother to share good things about Gannett:

    1. We’re too busy creating those good things for our customers. You aren’t one of them.

    2. The last time I sent you an example of an upbeat outlook for Gannett stock, you ignored it.

    Does that make me the irrational mother, or you the biased journalist?

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Anon @ 7:08… But isn’t that the way journalism has unfortunately gone. I’m not a journalist… But when I read the paper, listen to the news on radio or tv it’s always slanted. Fox News says they’re “Fair and Balanced”, but who believes that… Our paper is so one-sided in favor of any non-republican it’s not funny… Everyone has their opinions and it will be expressed in how they write… This blog is no exception.

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