Hot Off the Press: USA Today

This morning’s print edition; click on the image for a bigger view. The No. 1 printed newspaper’s Cover story today: For many, golden years mean less travel, more work. “Many older Americans had long envisioned retirement as a period of adventure — a time to indulge in leisurely lifestyles, with frequent trips out of town to see relatives and explore places they’d never seen,” reporter Sandy Block says. “That was then. Now, with food and health care costs surging and fuel prices soaring, many retirees have been forced to downsize their dreams of travel.”

Earlier: Would USA Today be better off in Murdoch’s hands?

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[Image: Newseum]

3 Responses to “Hot Off the Press: USA Today”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    This newspaper is dead. I feel sorry for Mr. Moon. He is holding on to a dream with USA Today.

    Murdoch is gunning for this business and we are all screwed.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Oh, give me a break. Craig Moon is the single worst thing to happen to USA Today. Since the day he arrived his goal has been to Gannettize USA Today and he has succeeded. He has gutted the editorial side, he has cut circulation to the bone, he restructured the marketing department and then never gave them the budget they need to do their job, he wants new products but refuses to provide the money to adquately fund them. The man has no vision, no strategy. The only thing he knows is how to march to the orders of the Gannett tower. I am so sick of hearing how newspapers are dead. Bad decisions are hurting newspapers. Poor management is hurting newspapers. The mindlessness of corporate bean counters is hurting newspapers. Craig Moon holding on to a dream? Hardly. The man is incapable of a dream, much less holding on to one. USA Today is a marvelous brand with a very loyal readership. It hardly is dead despite Moon’s horrid leadership. Actually, his lack of leadership.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    USA TODAY is actually alive and well.

    It’s only the newsroom that’s dead.

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